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Venture Capital – Show Me the Money

You think you’re ready to consider attracting venture capital and want to know more about the process and get the real scoop from a VC’s perspective?

Cathy Panzica on what investors look for in startupsToday you are in luck. This show features Cathy Panzica of Panzica Investments who runs her own investment firm and brings to our show over 20 years of global investment and acquisition experience.

Most of us realize we only get so many shots at going for venture capital and we want to make the best use of our and the investors time, therefore preparation is key.

Treat your preparation for this important endeavor with the same passion you treat your business. Take the time, right now and listen to this show. Cathy pulls no punches and tells it like it is from the investor point of view.

Learn What Investors Look For in Startups

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