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Podcast Review: The Welch Way

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the podcast, The Welch Way with Jack and Suzy Welch.

Description: “The Welch Way” features Jack & Suzy Welch’s answers to readers’ questions about business, managing, and careers. Drawing on Jack’s experience as the legendary former CEO of General Electric and Suzy’s background as the former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, the pair debate and discuss the issues addressed in their highly popular BusinessWeek column.

Comments: I decided to go big time with this review and go for the large company management guru, Jack Welch and his wife. Suprisingly I find that most if not all of the content is very relevant to a small business as well.

This podcast is distributed through Business Week and presents another way for you to absorb some serious management thinking in a quick manner. This podcast covers such topics as:

– Whose Company Is It? The public policy debate about corporate ownership.

– Being A Talent Magnet

– The Danger Of Doing Nothing

– The Whining Game

and many more on a wide range of topics for your enjoyment and education. Each podcast is 10-15 minutes and length, fast paced (almost too hectic) and Suzy does a good job of facilitating Jack.

Pluses: Of course the big plus is the source, Jack Welch, I also like the 10-15 minute length as it makes it very usable. The Business Week site does a nice job of providing the needed info for each podcast and each has its own webpage with a show summary, the needed RSS subscription links. There are ads on the pages and in the podcast but they are minimal and not too invasive.

Minuses: I think the audio quality (recorded concall) is very poor for the level of quality of Business Week and Jack Welch. The poor quality is just a distraction from the content. Also once you click the link to play the podcast you cannot access the podcast page any further without stopping the audio from playing. (When listening online)

Jack Welch is not for everyone, his style might rub some people the wrong way but he does not lack an opinion, thought or idea on almost any topic. Overall I recommend that you give The Welch Way a try and if it works for you add it to your list of sources for business information.

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