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Podcast Review:

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the podcast:

Description: Practical knowledge for busy entrepreneurs.

Comments: This podcast consists of interviews with various small business experts, entrepreneurs and others with relevant information for a small business audience.

The topics covered range from Google Analytics to busting out of corporate America and starting your own business. Most major functional business areas are covered in the 20+ available podcasts.

Many of the podcasts have downloadable documents or tools that are related to the show host and topic discussed.

Pluses: I think the web page and interface is first rate. Choices of how to listen and clear and concise information is available about each show.

There is a very nice FAQ page which provides more information about podcasts, tools for listening and how to subscribe via RSS.

The audio quality and production values are very good. Easy to listen to and quick if the MP3 streaming choice is used to listen on your PC.

Minuses: With such a great web interface the pages don’t make clear how I can subscribe to the podcast until the bottom of the page. There is also no ‘About’ page or information about who is hosting the show.

I highly recommend because both the content and the ease of access to it is so great. Give it a listen!

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