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Podcast Review: China Business Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the China Business Podcast with Kent Kedl.

Description: Is China a threat or an opportunity for your company? Are there real growth opportunities for you in the world’s fastest growing market? Expertise and insight from Technomic Asia China, a market strategy consulting firm with more than 20 years in China.

Comments: The China Business podcast is an English-language podcast that shares insight and experiences from years of on-the-ground experience working with hundreds of companies – large and small – in China.

This podcast is professionally produced, the credibility and capability of the host and his guests is first rate. The audio quality is good and each podcast is very accessible and between 15-30 minutes in length.

Podcasting since the summer of 2005 this is what I would term a ‘mature’ podcast. They have the production process down and the quality of the content is very strong.

Some example topics are:

– The retail/consumer goods market in China

– China’s automotive aftermarket is a growing, complicated market.

– Wait! You’re not ready for China!

and many more on a wide range of important topic areas.

Pluses: Content, content, content. The website is very simple to use and each podcast has a good note describing information about the show.

It is easy to access past shows through links in the right column. Lots of links in each post that are relevant information to the show topics.

Minuses: Like many sites they do not stream the audio file but enable you to download it for playing or for saving which takes more time than streaming to start playing on your computer.

Of course if you subscribe to their feed and load it automatically to your mp3 player this would not be a concern.

Most concerning is that there has not been an updated podcast since the end of August. The content that is in place is still top notch.

Recommendation: If staying alert to business opportunities and challenges in China is of interest to you (shouldn’t it be to all of us) then I highly recommend this podcast. China Business Podcast

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