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Podcast Review: Marketing Voices

Podcast ReviewsNovember 13, 2006By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about Marketing Voices from featuring Jennifer Jones.

Description: MarketingVoices™ provides weekly, fresh perspectives from innovative technology and marketing leaders examining how social media is changing the world of marketing.

Jennifer Jones is the creator and host of MarketingVoices™ and is a 25-year technology marketing veteran.

Comments: From social media tool providers to venture capitalists to practitioners and users of the social media for corporate purposes this podcast covers the gambit.

No fancy production values here just straight insight, perspective and advice from some of the leading individuals in the new social media marketing world.

Pluses: Of course the strongest plus is the content, the guests really know what they are talking about and come from some top industry players.

The site does a good job of providing a text overview, a photo of the guest and a note on the length of each podcast. New content is provide just about every week and each podcast is between 10-20 minutes in length and there about 20 current podcasts available.

RSS Feed subscription is readily available making it easy to subscribe.

Minuses: Not much to say here, I could not find a category list but some of the posts were tagged which may help when using their search function to find the type of information you are looking for.

When the audio opened while playing a show from my computer I could not see the controls nor resize the window to do so. This makes it tough to rewind or fast forward.

Recommendation: If you want to be and stay on the leading edge of marketing uses of social media then you need to subscribe to this podcast. Check out Marketing Voices for yourself.

One Response to “Podcast Review: Marketing Voices”

  1. jennifer jones Says:

    Anita: Thank you for your review of Marketing Voices. I appreciate the candid thoughts and really appreciate your taking the time to review it and listen to the podcasts. They are great fun to do and i am always looking for interesting guests who delve into how social media is impacting marketing today. No specific customer segments, just guests who do know what they are talking about and have fun talking! Please anyone with any ideas especially anyone outside the US who is working social media I would love to talk to you. Just email me at [email protected]. Thanks jennifer

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