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Podcast Review: Accounting Best Practices

Podcast ReviewsDecember 11, 2006By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Accounting Best Practices Podcast.

Description: Steve Bragg and Ralph Nach cover a broad range of accounting topics once every two weeks, including the latest accounting rules issued by the FASB, SEC, and AICPA. Steve continues with lectures that so far cover control systems and the fast close, and which will address many additional accounting management issues in the future. Steve then closes with an accounting best practices tip.

Comments: I know this may sound like a boring podcast but it is not. The information is very good and Steve and Ralph really bring an almost entertaining way of presenting what some would find to be a dry topic.

The podcasts are of a high sound quality and done in an interview format with a professional introduction.

There are 26 podcasts so far covering topics such as:

– Private company reporting
– Controls for payroll
– Credit and collection reports
– Stock option back dating, part 1
– Changes to credit policy

There are usually 3 topics covered per podcast meaning there are a total of 78 so far and are organized into three main categories, GAAP, lecture and best practices.

Pluses: Like all good podcasts the content here is first rate, as it has to be as the advice provided is critical.

The website makes it very easy to subscribe and more importantly you can see a snapshot summary of each podcast in one table. This makes it very easy for the listener to go directly to the content the want.

You then click on a link that takes you to a separate page for each show and provides more details on the show and enables listening or file download.

Minuses: Only a couple of items here, the length of the shows is not listed and the audio does not play immediately if I am listening on my PC, you have to wait for the file to download before playing begins.

Recommendation: I found the content very helpful even though I am not an accountant. Some of the information shared is supportive of various financial strategies a company may undertake. If financial knowledge is important to your business then I would suggest giving Accounting Best Practices a listen.

One Response to “Podcast Review: Accounting Best Practices”

  1. Sanjay Kumar Says:

    Holy cow! This is a wealth of great information. I especially like the title of the best practice “Proodread complex invoices”. Accountants can be funny after all…

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