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Data Deposit Box — Back Up That System Now!

This is a review of a data back up solution called Data Deposit Box. This is a service that small businesses should consider. Because let’s admit it — we do not back up our systems often enough. Be honest. When was the last time you remembered to back up your files on your computer?

Data Deposit Box is an online back-up solution. No hardware to buy. You go over to Data Deposit Box and set up an account online. Then you download the software, and it is ready to go.

It is a super-simple system to use. Once everything is in place all the backups are handled automatically. You do not have to remember to do anything in order to back up your system.

You can use Data Deposit Box to back up multiple computers. The number of computers does not matter. You pay only for the storage used ($2 per gigabyte).

So who needs online data storage? I can think of several groups. Anyone who doesn’t want to mess with doing backups on his or her own. Anyone who travels a lot and may need access to documents and files while on the road. Even those virtual small businesses (like ours here at Small Business Trends Radio) that have people working in different locations — Data Deposit Box makes it possible to share files. You can share all or just selected files.

This sounds like a convenient and elegant solution for backing up computer files. You can even try a 14-day free trial. Try it out, and see for yourself.

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