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Hackers Target Small Business

TechnologyJanuary 25, 2007By

Why Hackers Love Small BusinessesThink your small business is immune from hackers? You had better think again. Understanding what they are after will help you protect your business.

Our featured guest on this show is Thomas Raef, Founder of e-Based Security. Thomas talks about how these cyber criminals want control of your systems and the signals you should be watching in order to spot whether or not your network has been infiltrated.

The major items covered in the show are:

– What do hackers want?
– Why do they do it?
– What do they do with the information?
– Why isn’t the government acting?
– What are the signs to watch for?

Learn more about the details of this show or download the transcript over at Why Hackers Love Small Businesses

One Response to “Hackers Target Small Business”

  1. Chris Says:

    This was an incredibly informative show that provides a real understanding of just how much of a target the small business owner may be to a hacker. I also liked the suggestion he provides for discovering whether or not your system has been attacked.

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