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Podcast Review: SBA Podcast

Podcast ReviewsFebruary 11, 2007By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the SBA (Small Business Administration) Podcast

Description: Programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed

Comments: The SBA Podcasts attempt to bring a good portion of their small business information to the audio format.

The SBA has so much valuable information and resources to help any small business. Podcasts are just their latest effort to make the information accessable.

Good basic production values (sound quality and clarity of the voices) the SBA Podcast covers such topics as:

– Check List for Starting a Business
– SBA Programs Support Entrepreneurial Veterans
– Is Entrepreneurship for You?
– Selecting a Business That Fits

Most shows are just a few minutes in length and the wait time for download is minimal.

Pluses: Good website, advice and content, and transcripts of each show are available for download as well. Transcripts make the content more usable and digestable, kudos to the SBA.

Minuses: No instant play from the website.

Recommendation: New business or old, USA business or not, the SBA Podcast and the SBA website is a resource you should tap into for knowledge and help.

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