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Entrepreneurs: Stubborn as a Brick

Or so says Craig Jennings, Business Coach. Describing himself as “really old,” Craig seems to have figured out how to get past his clients’ reluctance to ask for help.

I met Craig at the Small Business Summit in New York City this month. He is a very genuine individual with a dry sense of humor and it is obvious to me he loves what he does for a living, helping entrepreneurs.

From classes, to individual coaching to books, CDs and more Craig is a talented individual sharing his experience and helping clients every day.

Take a listen to my interview with Craig by clicking below or visit his website.

One Response to “Entrepreneurs: Stubborn as a Brick”

  1. mlgreen8753 Says:

    Entrepreneurs have to be stubborn to a certain extent, but at the same time it can also hold us back. I learned this the hard way. Good advertising can almost always get through a thick head though.

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