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Small Business Self Development

ManagingMarch 15, 2007By

AnnaContinuous improvement is a critical mindset we must have in business today. Change, challenges and competition do not stand still.

How can we carve out the time and the budget for self-development for ourselves and our business?

Our special guest on this show is Anna Farmery, of The Engaging Brand. She offers advice and help with our efforts toward personal and business self-improvement.

Learn how today’s internet based tools can be leveraged to help you develop yourself and your business with minimal cost.

Learn more about the details of this show or download the file Self Development On A Shoestring

2 Responses to “Small Business Self Development”

  1. dollars Says:

    really great stuff
    for self development and for business growth, internet is the best option and lots of stuff are available. few days back I read a free Attraction Accelerator Report which is created by Stephen Pierce “An interview with Bob Proctor on the Science of Getting Rich”.
    this is a new way to improve business and self too

  2. Says:

    Think of the worst situation that can result after the self- improvement. Try to find various solutions to it. Reflect on how much you can loose, if the worst happened, and how important those things are to you. If you find more than one reasonable sol…

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