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Podcast Review:

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast

Description: Weekly podcasts showcasing startup stories and inspiring entreprenurs.

Comments: Startup Studio is produced and hosted by Betsy Flanagan. In addition to starting her own ventures, Ms. Flanagan has a passion for working with entrepreneurs.

A fairly young Podcast but already Startup Studio has quite a good list of entrepreneur interviews. With good productions values (Sound, editing, music and volume levels) Betsy can really focus on the content and her interviews.

Here are some recent titles:

– Embrace Pet Insurance founder Laura Bennett
– Matt Shobe co-founder of FeedBurner
– MerchantCircle founder Wayne Yamamoto
– Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher
– Esprit founder Susie Tompkins Buell

I find Betsy to be a great inteviewer and she is able to bring the best out of her guests for the benefit of the listener.

Pluses: Startup Studio has all of my favorite things, great content, instant play, good show notes and each audio is even broken into small bites that you can go to and listen.

Easy subscription choices, a rating system and all of the latest social networking and reader click links are there to serve the visitor and listener.

Minuses: Nothing major here, my only suggestion is to pull everything on the website up a bit and use less open space (above the fold) and let me see more of my choices on the web page quicker.

Recommendation: This is just a great Podcast, great content, great website, listener and visitor options and flexibility. I strongly recommend that you visit and subscribe to the Podcast today.

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