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Top 10 Small Business Podcasts

The Small Business Trends Radio Show experienced a great first quarter for 2007 and we wanted to share the Top 10 Small Business Podcasts with you for that period.

Congratulations to the small business experts listed below — they had the most requested audio podcasts!

Here are the Top 10 Small Business Podcasts (in no particular order):

Gary Schoeniger on How to Start a Business With No Money How to Start a Business With No Money
Gary Schoeniger, Founder of
Gary Schoeniger started a business dead broke with a borrowed ladder. Soon he had a multi-million dollar business.

David Weiss, CEO of Numara Software Help Yourself: A Self Service Strategy For Help DesksTranscript Available
David Weiss, CEO of Numara Software
If your small business is still dependent on an IT support employee or department, David has a solution for you.

Kelly Thomas, Founder of Real Estate Photography As A Small Business
Kelly Thomas, Founder of
Do you enjoy snapping photographs? If so, then you’re qualified to own and operate your own real estate web site.

Dan Hoffman on VOIP Simplified Voice over IP (VoIP) in plain English Top 10 pick Transcript available
Guest: Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks.
Dan Hoffman of M5 Networks explains how VOIP technology can transform your business.

Steve Kinney of Search Optimizers SEO Success for Small Business
Steve Kinney, Founder of Search Optimizers
Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your business beat your biggest competitors.

Thomas Raef Why Hackers Love Small BusinessesTranscript Available
Thomas Raef, Founder of e-Based Security
Cyber criminals will break into your network and steal sensitive data. Offers practical tips to protect your systems.

Lee Dodd on Online Forums Building a Successful Online Forum — a Case Study
Lee Dodd, Zydeca Media
Do you know what an online forum is? How would you use one for your business? Learn this and more.

Jim Kukral on Online Marketing Mistakes Avoiding the Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes
Jim Kukral, Publisher of ReveNews
Jim says “Tell me you didn’t buy that $99 offer to get a top Google listing — it does not work!” Listen and learn.

Siamak Taghaddos Virtual Phone Systems – Sound Big, Spend Little
Siamak Taghaddos, CEO of GotVMail
Can your customers reach you? GotVmail’s CEO, a BusinessWeek “Top 5 Entrepreneurs Under 25,” explains how.

Ivana Taylor Why Mastering Excel is a Critical Marketing Skill
Ivana Taylor, Third Force Marketing – Bill Jelen,
Learn from the expert, Mr. Excel, and marketer Ivana Taylor, Co-Authors of the book Excel For Marketing Managers.

We would also like to make a special mention of Warren Carter, CEO of MyOnlyOne, along with Andy Birol, Founder of Birol Growth Consulting, both of whom have achieved emeritus status as perennial favorites.

Our special thanks to our listeners and our informative small-business experts for your loyalty and support and for making the first quarter of 2007 such a success for Small Business Trends Radio!

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  1. Chris Says:

    Very nice group of podcast topics. I can definitely see why they made the top 10!

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