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Podcast Review: InsidePR Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the InsidePR Podcast

Description: Inside PR is a weekly Canadian podcast about public relations. Agency veterans Terry Fallis and David Jones co-host the half-hour show. Each week, Terry and David take a look under the hood of the public relations industry.

Comments: A 14 month old podcast with over 50 shows under their belt, Terry and David have good production values and keep putting out valuable PR content.

Each show lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes on average and covers some important topics to all who have an interest and need for PR intelligence. Here is a sampling of topics:

– What exactly is public relations?

– How to reach out to bloggers, do’s and don’ts

– Should your company be involved in social media?

Each segment is co-hosted and sometimes a guest or two join in the commentary and discussion.

Pluses: Good content with decent entertainment values, a great website with all of the basics of a good podcast, show notes, instant play, subscription choices and an extra good feature, a great blogroll of PR related websites.

Minuses: Not much to say here, maybe make transcripts available?

Recommendation: If you like and need good PR content then you might want to check out the InsidePR Podcast and add it to your subscription list.

2 Responses to “Podcast Review: InsidePR Podcast”

  1. David Jones Says:

    Thanks for the glowing report card. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so proud. We’ll work on the entertainment value. Terry actually made a funny joke this week. Nowhere to go but up.

    Seriously, thanks for this. It means a lot to us to know that we’ve stumbled our way through something that is actually worth listening to.

  2. Anita Campbell Says:

    David, I really enjoyed several of your podcasts that I listened to. There’s a lot to be proud of. And, yes, it’s definitely worth listening to.


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