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How to Put Personality Into Websites, Emails And Blogs

MarketingApril 19, 2007By

Jerry Hart on how to put personality into websitesSomething that your competitors cannot copy easily is your personality. Injecting a little dose of personality into your website, blog and emails helps to build reader rapport and adds uniqueness. Add in a tiny pinch of humor and entertainment and you have a winning combination.

Our featured guest in this episode is Jerry Hart, CEO of Hart Creative Marketing, Inc. Jerry provides tips on how to put personality into your websites, emails, and blogs.

For instance, did you know that:

  • The word “you” has power — Speaking directly to your audience, using the word “you” frequently instead of “our customers” or some other less personal reference, is one of the most overlooked opportunities to develop a website that stands out.
  • You should write in sound bites — Hiring a copywriter can help, but many copywriters tend to go overboard trying to impress you. You have to insist on keeping the number of words down, or all that copy will be counterproductive. Keep your copy down to short bites.
  • Use audio and/or video — More people will sign up for a newsletter or take some other desired action, when audio and video are present. Audio and video is a terrific addition to an already “infotainment” world we live in.
  • Your everyday emails are opportunities — Your routine emails have a 90% open rate. Don’t miss the opportunity to create an email letterhead to take advantage of this opportunity. Scanning your real signature also can interject personality into your emails.
  • Think of content as marketing — The word FREE is the most searched word on the Internet. Every small business website should have FREE content and use the word FREE on the home page somewhere. Jerry also explains how to use free content to “upsell” paid content.

With his energetic style, Jerry Hart offers many more tips like these that can be easily applied to your websites, emails, and blogs. We’ve just scratched the surface here and this show is packed with useful information that everyone can surely benefit from.

Listen to all the tips by clicking the player below.

2 Responses to “How to Put Personality Into Websites, Emails And Blogs”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Extremely useful tips that I will have to try!

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    Do agree that audio and video draw many sign ups for newsletters when present. Also “FREE” has to be the most favorite word on any home page. I know it works for me. Great info. Thanks.

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