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Podcast Review: The TeenBiz Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the TeenBiz Podcast

Description: The TeenBiz Podcast is a resource to help students and teens start and run small businesses.

Comments: Each episode features a 10 minute segment devoted to improving students’ business practices, networking, business function and organization, etc.

Then a new business idea is featured each week as well as a resource or something they can be working on during the week. The tagline for the podcast is simply, “Helping students succeed in small business.”

This is the only student business podcast on the internet so they tend to cover a lot of areas.

As the small business bug has bitten millions, many forget that even younger kids and students want to start their own businesses but have no idea where to start, this Podcast gives them a place to turn.

Here are the topics from a recent show:

– Summer Business: 7 Tips to Summer Success
– Business Idea: Local, door-to-door group
– Final Word: A simple webpage for your business
– StartLogic Hosting
– HTML Goodies

TeenBiz or not, there is some good content in this Podcasst for all small business listeners.

Pluses: Of course the content and the passion behind it are the most appealing, the chance to hear some cutting edge music in the Podcast intro and outro is a plus as well.

Show notes are skimpy but they do help you know a shows topic and my favorite of course, instant play right on the webpage.

Minuses: Subscription buttons for RSS subscription is a little bit difficult to find and I would like to see a little more of an ‘About’ section on the site. Unfortunately it is a blogger site so no categories are easily found, each post does have labels so that helps a bit.

Recommendation: If you are young in age or young in business the TeenBiz Podcast could be of great service to you, I recommend you give it a listen for yourself.

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