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Podcast Review: Meet the CEO

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Meet the CEO Podcast

Description: Meet The CEO™ is the financial community’s most unique, CEO-focused and content value-oriented Executive interview portal…and the place for company Management to be heard.

Comments: Meet the CEO sets out to dig beyond the traditional financial discussion to get at the CEO’s true vision and passion, always striving to have an open and exporatory conversation.

Using music, humor and a very quick wit you need to pay sharp attention to catch the wide range of perspectives that this Podcast brings to its listeners.

This Podcast is the latest evolution for Jennifer Gardiner who has spent latter part of her 15 years in the public market interviewing executives.

Here is a sample of her guests:

– Uranium Resources, Inc (NasdaqGM – URRE), Mr David Clark
– Z Trim Holdings (AMEX – ZTM), Mr. Greg Halpern
– Firepond (OTCBB – FPTI), Mr. Bill Santo
– Broadband Energy Networks, Inc, Mr Larry Silverman, President

And many more. Each show is just short of 60 minutes long with new shows every couple of weeks.

Pluses: Nice website, instant play, deep show notes and even conversation transcripts. One nice feature is the ‘ask a question’ service. You can submit a question before the show and then listen for your anwer.

Minuses: I am not crazy about the flash elements that occur upon website arrival or mouse over. They are well done but I just don’t care for the distraction. I also could not find a way to RSS subscribe on the page. I found the site originally through iTunes.

Recommendation: If you want to learn about the companies or learn how different CEO’s think across a wide range of industries then the Meet the CEO Podcast is one you should check out.

2 Responses to “Podcast Review: Meet the CEO”

  1. Chris Says:

    I, too, like the “ask a question” feature, which is helpful. And it’s always nice when the instant play feature exists as well. I do not like the flash installments either. Very distracting and frustrating when used, but overall a very nice website.

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    I agree with you Chris. Great site. Very interesting show, cetainly does hold your interest. Getting into the minds of CEO’s and how they think is alwalys worth the listen.

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