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Podcast Review: Best Accounting Practices Podcasts

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Best Accounting Practices Podcasts

Description: Best practices in accounting. Advice, insight, experience and how-tos, shared by Jack Boyer, CPA.

Comments: If you care about business finance for large or small business then you should check out this Podcast.

Jack moves quickly to the meat of the titled topic and believe it or not some of the shows are actually humorous.

Decent production values consisting of mostly recorded phone calls of interviews with various experts. Here is a sampling of some of the topics covered:

– Get faster closes with process improvements and automation
– All Things Accounting: An Interview with Steve Bragg
– Accounting Can be A Comedy of Errors if You Don’t Know What The Numbers Say
– Business Portals Next Best Thing to “Beam Me Up Scottie.”
– Driving Profits with Better Estimates and Project Management

Some good stuff in this Podcast that CEOs and Board members and investors would really appreciate. This material is presented as kind of “accounting as a best practice service.”

Pluses: Great content presented in a credible and even entertaining manner. This podcast is hosted on a directory site and offers all of the basics. Instant play, rating system, show notes and even a feedback and rating system, not much missing here.

Minuses: Occasionally the telephone sound levels vary some so you have to play with the volume dial in order to hear the speaker effectively.

Recommendation: If accounting processes and how to make your financial management ‘best in class’ is important to you then you should check out the Best Accounting Practices Podcasts

One Response to “Podcast Review: Best Accounting Practices Podcasts”

  1. Chris Says:

    Topics such as this can tend to be somewhat dry – the added dose of humor adds to the quality of the information. It’s a nice touch.

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