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Podcast Review: Business Week Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Business Week Podcast

Description: Regularly scheduled podcasts enhance some of Business Week Magazine’s most popular weekly features with additional analysis and insight.

Comments: This site of Podcasts is really the motherload of Podcasts. There are literally hundreds to choose from. The production values are varied, some are very professional with music and even commercials and others are just recorded phone calls.

The Podcasts can really be accessed in two ways, one on the website linked to above and below and the other is through iTunes. Each of them has a different organizational structure. On the website they break the large volume of content into the following categories:

– The Business Week
– Entrepreneurs Notebook
– Market Report
– Making the Leap
– Savvy Selling
– Making Innovation Work
– Tech 101
– Climbing the Ladder

and about 10 more. You can see there is a lot to choose from on this site of Podcasts, of course the power of mega publisher McGraw-Hill is behind it and they have incredible resources.

The real value here is that each of the Podcasts is designed to EXPAND upon its written copy brother. The audio can answer more questions, explore more areas than the written segment does in the magazine.

Pluses: Of course the real plus is the content, the power of business week really enables the podcasts to attract almost anyone they want to expand on a topic. I found iTunes better to use as it allows instant play whereas on the website you have to wait for download to occur.

Good show notes on the website and easy subscription choices.

Minuses: Again, the wait for downloading from the website seems very far behind the curve for such a media conglomerate.

Recommendation: If you can not be overwhelmed and just dive in almost every show I sampled has great stuff inside. I particularly enjoyed hearing Jack and Suzy Welch’s show. Check out the Business Week Podcast!

2 Responses to “Podcast Review: Business Week Podcast”

  1. Chris Says:

    This is a nice site that’s loaded with useful information. There’s even a special edition podcast regarding wine – very nice but agree that the wait on the site is lengthy.

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    Agree, topics on this site is awesome. I also went with iTunes. The wait is worth it.

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