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Overcoming Being Lazy, Scared or Stupid in Your Business

Rory Wilfong on overcoming being lazy, scared or stupid.Encountering and overcoming crises on a daily basis is a fact of life for many business owners. And many businesses walk a “tight rope” of survival during the first several years. It is during those times that staying motivated and focused becomes crucial to the survival of the business.

Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Rory Wilfong, Co-Founder of Get My Homes Rory provides tips and insights to help you deal with crisis to overcome the obstacles of business ownership and successfully manage your business.

Here is a sampling from the show:

  • Stick to the basics — stick to what it is that you’re good at. The recipe for success is to acknowledge the actions that you’re good at, and spend the bulk of your time performing those tasks and delegating the balance of activities to others. If delegating tasks is not an option because you’re working along, simply attempt to spend less time performing those actions by allotting yourself specific time frames. This frees you to then focus the bulk of your energies on the areas of your strength.
  • Business coaches — are an emerging trend and a great asset to a business. Business coaches can become an accountability partner for you. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when your working alone and have no one to answer to. A business coach can provide encouragement, help you to delegate responsibilities to let you focus on your strengths, and can assist you in your business education. And remember, many small businesses are started because the owner is good at something. Attempt to avoid spending the bulk of your day performing activities that are not part of your strengths.
  • Be honest with yourself — when it comes to recognizing when your exhibiting signs of being lazy, scared or stupid regarding your business. Analyze yourself and your business to drill down these areas. Are you fearful of rejection? Are you putting off important tasks? Acknowledging these tendencies is the first step to success. This is where an accountability partner or coach becomes beneficial and can assist you by keeping your goals top of mind for you and holding you accountable to them. If you do not have a business coach, your spouse, friends, and family can assist you.
  • Get the people — you need in place and accept that it’s OK to ask for help – because failure is not an option. Friends, family, and spouses can assist you in your business and, most likely, will be more than happy to do so. Whether it be performing mundane daily tasks such as taking phone calls, scheduling, paperwork and bills, or acting as an accountability partner to make sure your goals are being met. If you need to make 15 cold calls a day – having an accountability partner can see to it that the calls are made.

Rory has much more to share with you. To experience Rory’s upbeat energy and the tips he has provided, click the player below to listen to the full interview. And be sure to stay tuned at the end of the program for Today’s Trend: New And Emerging Trends Affecting Today’s Business.

3 Responses to “Overcoming Being Lazy, Scared or Stupid in Your Business”

  1. Chris Says:

    Rory gave a nice straight forward interview with a no-nonsense approach. Just the thing some need in order to continue to move forward. His suggestion of an accountability partner is a good one. At times, it is difficult to stay focused and a little nudge in the right direction and some positive reinforcement is always refreshing.

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    Rory’s upbeat energy and tips is certainly a great motivation. Really enjoyed the show.

  3. Jon Says:

    Considering working with Rory as my realtor through his company, Performance Home Sales. What a great success he has had with and his other interests. His blog looks to be a great tip for self-starting a business.

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