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Podcast Review: Venture Voice Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Venture Voice Podcast

Description: Venture Voice is a podcast that explores how entrepreneurs build their businesses and live their lives.

Comments: Gregory Galant produces Venture Voice and conducts the interviews. Aaron Quint does the creative work for the Web site and helps with sound engineering.

With 46 shows to date Greg has a who’s who of top entrepreneurs as guests. You will find great sound, excellent scripting and summaries at the beginning of each interview.

If you like hearing entrepreneurial success stories then this is a Podcast you should try. Here is just a sampling of recent guests:

– Kevin Ryan of Panther Express, ShopWiki and Music Nation
– Jay Adelson of Digg
– Guy Kawasaki of Garage Technology Ventures
– Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc., Netscape and AOL
– David Sifry of Technorati

Greg is a good interviewer, prepared, very insightful and sometimes challenging to the guest.

Pluses: Content is king and this Podcast is packed with good content. Instant play, good sound, good show notes, easy to operate website, good use of images and not a lot of extra clutter on the site or in the shows.

Minuses: Would love to have access to transcripts, not much else to criticize.

Recommendation: If you like the high-tech, entrepreneurial world then you need to check out the Venture Voice Podcast.

One Response to “Podcast Review: Venture Voice Podcast”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hanna-Barbara cartoons, too – how cool! I like the fact that Greg is sometimes challenging to the guest, it adds an “edge” to the show and the site is nice, too.

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