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100 Small Business Audio Podcasts

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100 Small Business Audio Podcasts Sometimes it can be hard to determine which of the many small business podcasts will provide what you need. So much audio, so little time.

So we have taken the guesswork out of it for you. We narrowed it down to 100 informative podcasts for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most of the following podcasts specifically target a small business audience. Others have a broader business focus. All, however, are relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs. Explore and listen, and see what you think of this list.

Leadership and Management

Fireside Chat — With Lisa Haneberg. In these 30-minute podcasts Lisa tends to focus on middle management issues, often interviewing an author, consultant or business owner.

Leader Network Podcasts — The Leader Network podcast series features interviews with successful leaders such as Stephen Covey, to inspire you and show you how to become a better leader.

The Good Manager — A podcast about what it takes to be a better manager, including tips for hiring, motivating and firing employees.

Manager Tools — Detailed and specific tips on workplace management issues, such as: how to make a job offer; how to run a staff meeting; how to have an open door policy.

JobDig — By, a Midwest USA job search company. Practical tips for employees, hiring managers and HR managers on topics such as: are you a negative person; how to deal with gossip in the workplace; and casual Fridays. Nice feature: podcasts can be listened to by phone.

Daily Thoughts for Business — By Greg Balanko-Dickson, a licensed business coach from Canada. Most podcasts are 1 to 10 minutes long, including topics such as: Boost Your Employees’ Self Esteem, Freeing Yourself from Impossibilities, Frustration and Confusion.

Meet the CEO — With Jennifer Gardiner. This series features interviews with CEOs to get at their true vision and passion.

Full Circle Global Mentoring — With host The Biz Connector. From start-up to management pitfalls, success stories, business mentoring, small business events and dynamic comebacks.

The American Entrepreneur — Hosted by Ron Morris. Business advice and insights from top professionals, interviews with renowned entrepreneurs, and business questions and ideas from the show’s audience.

Hesh Reinfeld Business Humor — Hesh is a syndicated business humor columnist. Hesh brings a humorous, sometimes self-deprecating edge to topics such as family business issues, business networking and doing deals.

MBA Working Girl Podcast — Host, Laura Adams, MBA, brings personal knowledge and experience from her career as a business owner, manager, consultant, and trainer.

Women Power Talk Radio — With Raven Blair Davis. Celebrating women over 40, who want more out of life. Features three different shows: MLM Divas, Amazing Women in Business, and Women Power Talk.

The Welch Way — With Jack and Suzy Welch. The legendary former CEO of General Electric and his wife, the former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, debate management and careers. Some advice may not translate perfectly to small businesses, but it is wise counsel nonetheless.

Marketing and Sales

Blog Business Success — By Wayne Hurlbert. Interviews with experts on blogging, search engines, public relations and marketing.

Biz III — By Mike Hughes and Les Bain. Provides insights into online marketing, often highlighting websites that entrepreneurs can use for marketing.

Personal Brand Marketing podblog — With Vikram Rajan. Offers tips for marketing when the person is the brand — attorneys, accountants, financial planners and other advisors.

Marketing Voices — Featuring Jennifer Jones. Insight, perspective and advice from leaders in the new social media marketing world.

Recognized Expert Marketing Show — Featuring Bob Sommers. Shows feature interviews with experts, ranging in length from 20-40 minutes on a wide range of marketing topics.

The Engaging Brand — By Anna Farmery. From personal branding, leadership, motivation and employee engagement, to today’s Web 2.0 marketing.

InsidePR Podcast — By Terry Fallis and David Jones. A weekly Canadian podcast about public relations, including traditional and online PR.

Like Nobody’s Business — By Lalita Amos. Lalita is from Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) and offers tips and advice on topics such as customer service and selling. She interviews key business professionals, too — all in a personal and conversational approach.

Guerilla Marketing Radio — With Jay Conrad Levinson. Features brief, easy-to-digest podcasts on topics such as creating headlines, writing marketing copy and avoiding advertising mistakes.

Duct Tape Marketing — By John Jantsch. Features interviews with marketing experts and those who demonstrate advanced marketing approaches.

Marketing Edge — With Albert Maruggi. Advice and insight on marketing, public relations, podcasting and communication.

20-Something Marketing — An interactive podcast on marketing, business, and life for and by 20-something professionals.

The Cold Calling Podcast — By Mike O’Hara and Greg Grimer. Practical advice about how to make sales calls to find decision-makers and secure new business opportunities.

Internet Marketing Voodoo — With Paul Lewis. Features interviews with industry players involved in Internet marketing. Notable feature: transcripts of each podcast.

Operating a Small Business

Small Business Administration — The SBA brings a portion of their small business information to audio. Nice touch: each recording contains a written transcript.

Small Biz Survival Podcast — By Becky McCray. Talks are focused on providing small business leadership and management advice. Focuses on the realities of being a small business owner in rural and small town areas.

Escape from Cubicle Nation — With Pamela Slim. Practical nuts and bolts advice on issues that corporate-employees-turned-business-owners face.

Entrepreneur People — Hosted by Sherry Borzo. Interviews with everyday entrepreneurs, with a focus on central Iowa USA.

Small Business Mentors Club — This Australian podcast series explores practical issues such as modulating your voice for more powerful business dealings, and partnerships in business.

MySuccessGateway Podcasts — Site presented by Jim Peake. This site features interviews with a variety of “gurus.” Topics range from news to topics that small business owners will find informative.

Small Business — Interviews with small business experts, entrepreneurs and others, on a wide range of topics: from Google Analytics to busting out of corporate America and starting your own business.

One Minute How-to — With George Smyth. For those who want to cut to the chase. Guests only have 60 seconds to explain something.

GopherHaul Lawn Care Podcast — This practical podcast (and now video) series gives detailed pointers on running a successful lawn care business. Much of the nuts and bolts advice applies to any local service business.

Answers For Freelancers! — By Bob Ostrom and Chris Wilson, artists with decades of experience. With advice and inspiration for being a freelance artist.

Mind Your Own Business Podcast — With Guy Kingston, an entrepreneur who succeeded in the “Wild East” of post-Communist Russia. Topics include: per-hour billing, working from home, going bankrupt, work-life balance, and business insurance.

The Tim Knox Show — Host Tim Knox broadcasts weekly from Hunstville, Alabama. Features common sense business advice for entrepreneurs, tinged with humor.

Growing Your Business with Fred and Lyna — With Fred Hueston and Lyna Farkas. A weekly radio show with banter between the two co-hosts and interviews with guests, especially guests who had a new idea (called “Aha-preneurs”).

Internet Business Mastery — By Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden. How to prosper as an entrepreneur in your Internet-based business.

TeenBiz Podcast — Each episode features a 10-minute segment devoted to improving students’ business practices, such as Internet marketing.

Biz Link Radio — This podcast is produced and distributed by a business called Virtual Tape Drive from Canada. Providing a nice blend of business advice from experts and also commentary on being an entrepreneur.

Fitness Business Radio — With Dave DePew and Tom Perkins. Offers business solutions for the fitness industry, including health clubs and fitness professionals.

Tax and Finance

Accounting Best Practices — With Steve Bragg. Covers a broad range of accounting topics, including fraud deterrence, PDF invoices, throughput accounting and other financial-related topics.

TaxMama’s Tax Quips — Published by Eva Rosenberg. Features tax and small business news tidbits covering investment, inheritance, real estate and more.

QuickBooks Small Business Podcast — By Intuit. Most shows are done in an interview format with a topic expert.

Kiplinger Podcast — By financial media powerhouse Kiplinger. Covering personal finance topics (because we all have to pay attention to our finances).

Mad Money Machine — Paul Douglas Boyer reviews the stock recommendations of CNBC television figure Jim Cramer. Plus money-making idea segments like Guru Roulette and Tools in the Crib. A creative and unique format.

Wallstreet Confidential — Jim Cramer and other top pros from look at stocks. Good for anyone trying to build a portfolio to finance business growth or retirement.

American Public Media’s Marketplace — Public radio’s daily news on business and economics. Helps you follow broad economic trends affecting your business.

Rich Dad Radio — Insights from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad methodology and book, about increasing your financial IQ.

Business With Cents — With Anthony LeGree. This is a show about an aspiring entrepreneur who is creating a business with change collected in an ordinary piggy bank.

Startups and Starting a Business

Startup BizCast — By Endgame PR Podcast Production. This podcast bills itself as the “Small Business Advice Podcast That’s Shorter Than Your Coffee Break.” Most podcasts are under 10 minutes.

Startup Lounge — With Scott Burkette and Michael Blake. Interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists providing tips for startups and those seeking capital, with a focus on the Atlanta area / Southeastern United States.

StartupNation Radio — By Jeff and Rich Sloan. Advice on how to start your own business. — By Betsy Flanagan. Features interviews with founders who started businesses — from Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines to grillmeister George Foreman.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Start Up Show — Discussing anything relevant to startups — from funding, to operations, to exits.

Venture Voice — With Gregory Galant. Explores how entrepreneurs build their businesses and live their lives. Straight talk from successful entrepreneurs, with a focus on tech entrepreneurs.

Livin’ The Dream — With Sybil Ege and Leo Wisniewski. Livin’ The Dream is a live weekly radio program designed to help people explore self-employment options outside of the corporate job market.

Home Based Business

Home Business Radio — With host Paul Stanton. Covers all aspects of running a business from home. Episodes range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes or more.

Christian Business Talk Radio — With Marlo Boux and Regina Baker. To equip and encourage the Christian business owner, with a focus on those who work at home.

Work at Home Moms Talk Radio — With Kelly McCausey. Work At Home Moms Talk Tadio has interviews every Monday morning with successful moms and business owners, with an emphasis on Internet-based businesses.

ShoeString Home Business — By Carl Weisbrod. Tutorials on how to create Web sites and conduct e-commerce on a small budget from home.

Small Business Technology

Entrepreneur’s Journey — By Yaro Starak. Aimed at those starting and running Internet businesses. Topics are specific and granular, such as how to take payments online, sell e-books or launch a new product.

Technology for Business Sake — With Brent Leary and Michael Thomas. This weekly radio program airs in Atlanta and also has downloadable podcasts. Features interviews on technology issues, many of interest to small businesses. — This Internet radio network offers a line-up of some of the best search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, and e-commerce shows on the Web.

The SBS Show By Vlad Mazek and Susanne Dansey. Covers information technology (IT) in small to medium businesses IT, with advice that can make you a better system administrator, IT consultant, competent IT Professional or well informed business owner.

On the Record — With Eric Schwartzman of iPressroom. A professionally-produced podcast about how information technology is changing media news and entertainment. Features helpful show notes with detailed minute markers.

Podcast Brothers — With Tim and Emile Bourquin. A weekly show on the business of creating and promoting audio and video. Also includes document downloads, including sample media kits and legal issues in podcasting.

Podcasting for Business — By Podworx. This is a podcast about podcasting. Educates on the Four Ps of business podcasting: Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote.

Beginning SEO — By David Brown. Search engine optimization (SEO) for beginners, without overwhelming them with technical details.

Flytecast — With Rich Brooks. Flyte New Media shares advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to build an effective Web site. Topics include search engines, SEO, email marketing, business blogs, podcasts.

Brain Storm! — By Penny Haynes. Business podcasting, Internet marketing and more.

Word Press Made Easy — Mike Paetzold is from the coal region of Pennsylvania. He works full time online and uses a variety of blogs. His podcasts are tutorials and question-and-answer sessions about WordPress and blogging.

I’m There for You Baby — By Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry. This San Diego-based radio show has an energetic format and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Addresses topics for entrepreneurs, especially technology entrepreneurs. Podcast — By Adam Fendelman and Brad Spirrison. Features audio about technology businesses in the Midwest USA, with a focus on Chicago-based businesses.

Practical eCommerce — By Practical eCommerce magazine. Practical tips, tools, and resources, including help with ecommerce software and more, to those who are growing their online businesses.

The Podcast Academy — by various people, via GigaVox Media. A group of podcasts about podcasting. Includes topics such as promoting your podcast, interviewing tactics and podcast metrics.

Podcasting for Business — This podcast helps you plan, produce, publish and promote your business podcast.

Managing the Gray — With host C.C. Chapman. Insights and interviews into the changing world of new media, consumer generaged content and no control PR.

The Force Field — With Rick Savoia. A half hour podcast dedicated to the small, independent IT Service Provider.

Business Opportunities and Franchises

eBay Radio — Four separate radio programs about eBay and one about PayPal. Everything you wanted to know about selling on eBay.

EAuction Air — By Michael Donohue. Everything eBay — interviews and tips to make your online auction experience fun and profitable.

Business Opportunity Radio — With Chris Murch. Profiles business opportunities you can start and run.

China Business Show — Christine Lu shares insider secrets of doing business in China.

Franchise Interviews Radio — With Marty McDermott and Don Johnson. For those who may be looking to buy a franchise — dedicated to educating and motivating aspiring franchisees.

China Business Podcast — With Kent Kedl. IInsight and experiences from years of on-the-ground experience working with hundreds of companies, large and small, in China.

Making Money on eBay — Archived segments of an 8-part series, where a product never before sold on eBay becomes number one in its category.

Franchise Show — With Lori Block. For anyone in the market to start your own business and considering a franchise.

Franchise Business Review — Franchise buying advice, featuring interviews with industry experts and franchisees.

“All around” Small Business Podcasts

Small Business Advocate — Jim Blasingame was one of the first with a small business radio show. His archives contain hundreds of segments, on everything from banking, to motivation, to sales and sales management.

SmallBizPod — By Alex Bellinger. This UK-based SmallBizPod has over 50 podcasts with interviews. Essential for staying up-to-date on the U.K. small business scene, but also applicable to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Microbusiness News Briefs — By Dawn Rivers Baker. Audio version of the Microbusiness News Briefs newsletter. Focuses on the needs of microbusiness owners (generally those with under 5 employees or with a microenterprise mindset and structure).

Biz Radio Magazine — By Lee Mirabal. Explores all aspects of starting and growing a business.

James J. Hill Reference Library 2006 Speaker Series and Expert Interview Series — Business learning seminars with featured speakers on a variety of topics to help businesses succeed and grow.

Showcase of Business Experts — Interviews on a variety of subjects from expert guests.

Small Business Trends Radio — With Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski — our own show! Features in-depth interviews with guests on a range of topics necessary to running a business: marketing, sales, business operations, financing, technology, trends. Each show is like a mini-seminar.

Business News and The Big Picture

Business Week — Ten different shows and literally hundreds of recordings to choose from. Many deliver the backstory to published BusinessWeek articles.

TIME Business Podcast — TIME and cover business stories addressing the full spectrum of executive interests – from technology to management to small business.

New York Times Podcasts — The New York Times offers over a dozen podcasts to supplement its written coverage. Topics include personal technology, international news, book reviews and the backstory behind New York Times articles.

Killer Innovations — With Phil McKinney. Covers innovation: what it is; how to jump start it. Although geared toward executives in large companies, they also offer thought-provoking ideas for entrepreneurs.

Non-active Podcasts

Bonus: Some podcasts are no longer running or have not been updated in many months. We include them as noteworthy because the archives contain valuable tips, insights, and information.

Great Big Small Business Show — Produced by Becky McCray. This podcast takes input from 5 or more individual contributors and weaves them together. Topics include: organization, delegation, customer service, networking and more.

Motivation On The Run — With Denis Waitley. Having been motivated incorrectly by managers, his approach is one of getting to know the people and motivating by caring.

Warren Greshes — Sales coaching for sales professionals and small business owners.

Great Big Podcast — Expert advice and information targeted to serve small business.

Hawaii Diner — The Hawaii Diner Podcast is all about the business of restaurants and food. No recent recordings, and that’s a shame.

I’m Boss TV — This Austrailian based small business site, run by the Federal Minister for Small Business, covers a wide range of small business topics. Sadly, it appears to not have been updated in a number of months.

Feisty Females Radio — With Shari Gaynor. Features inspiring stories of women who have taken the leap in one way or another to create their own successful businesses.

Smarter By The Minute — By Doug Smart, an award-winning, international motivational speaker and author. He presents innovative and interractive programs on leadership, teambuilding, sales, and talent selection.

The Global Entrepreneur Series — Mr. Davis has over two decades of experience conducting business in Asia and over 15 different countries, and shares his hands-on experience.

Motivated Entrepreneur Audio Podcast — Provides tips on the basics of starting and growing a business: business plans, empowering employees, passion in business.

Home Business Women Talk Radio — Darina Loakman is a work-from-home mom with three sons. Discusses all aspects of working from home and has a passion for helping women succeed.

Speaker Success Talk Radio — With host Kristie Tamsevicius. For speakers and authors about how to become a more powerful speaker, and building buzz as an expert who speaks.

Wall Street Journal Survival Strategies — Columnists of Startup Journal. Unfortunately this series by the Wall Street Journal seems to have been discontinued.

Additional reading: the backstory about how this list was created and why.

For more discussion on this topic, please visit our forum.

47 Responses to “100 Small Business Audio Podcasts”

  1. Mike Keliher Says:

    Thanks for including the Marketing Edge podcast!

  2. Sherry Borzo Says:

    Thanks for including Entrepreneur People and what a great list of other podcasts to check out! Thanks.

  3. Steve Mullen Says:

    Thanks for including Startup BizCast! I would actually classify it under “operating a small business” rather than “startups” … despite the name. Then again, most startups ARE small businesses, so it’s just the same I guess!

    Thanks again!

    Steve Mullen
    Host, Startup BizCast

  4. Penny Haynes Says:

    I have to add my thanks for including Brain Storm! Business Podcast. It was a great surprise to see myself added there. Thank you!

  5. Albert Maruggi Says:

    Anita, thank you for the recognition of the Marketing Edge. I started Provident Partners specifically to be a marketing firm for small business. It was when I was driving back home from LA to St. Paul, MN on Sep 13, 2001. My flight on the 11th was cancelled and so were the one on the next two days, so I drove home and thought about life.

    I concluded that it was too short and I wanted to spend it with smart, fun people that wanted to try new things in my profession of marketing. Your show is wonderful and as you know better than most, it takes hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude to be a small business owner. Thanks again.

  6. Raven Blair Davis Says:

    I appreciate you listing Women Power Talk Radio station to this awesome list. What a wonderful suprise.

    Thank You!

  7. Steve Bragg Says:

    Thanks for including Accounting Best Practices in your list! And I thought it was only for people suffering from insomnia :).

  8. Jay Ehret Says:

    Thanks for putting this list together and then categorizing it. I’m impressed!

  9. Vikram Rajan Says:

    Awesome list of business podcasts. My personal brand marketing podBlog is a mix of audio podcasts and text tips… thanks for visiting. Your list is already referenced on my blog with this comment, through CoComment (handy tool to create a dynamic blogroll of our Comment-osphere).

    ~ Vikram

  10. Pamela Slim Says:

    Hi Anita!

    I really appreciate your mention of my podcast. I look forward to listening and referring my readers to some of the other great ones on the list!

    Thanks for taking the time to compile it — I know that is not an easy chore.

    All the best,


  11. Small Business Trends Says:

    Great Big List of 100 Small Business Podcasts

    Over at the Small Business Trends Radio show site, we have published a great big list of 100 small business podcasts. 
    The Back-story Behind the List
    Staci, the Program Manager for the Small Business Trends Radio show, has been working on the list for…

  12. Bob Says:

    Indeed these are some the cream of the crop. Great summary! I’ve discovered a few that I wasn’t aware of before.

    Web 2.0 Marketing, Branding, Web Design and Small Business Consulting


  13. Podcast Fresh Says:

    Radio Show Announces Their Compilation of 100 Small Business Podcasts

    The Small Business Trends Radio Show recently announced the release of their 100 Small Business Audio Podcasts that contain a wide range of educational information and resources to help operate a small business.  These business-related podcasts are of…

  14. EJMalyn Says:

    Awesome list Anita. Keep up the great job that you do. Thank You!

  15. Small Business Internet Marketing Podcast Says:

    Great list!! I’d like to offer Small Business on the Web: The Internet Marketing Podcast as another podcast/resource to your readers/subscribers. The podcast includes tutorials and advice on how to establish and maintain an effective web presence for your small business. Thank you!

  16. Wayne Hurlbert Says:

    Thanks for the inclusion of my Blog Business Success show on your great list of podcasts. Without a doubt, the lines between terrestrial radio, internet radio, and independent site and blog based podcasts are disappearing. We are on the edge of a new broadcasting frontier including audio, video, and the written word.

    Many great new voices are being heard and discovered by the listening audience. Citizen broadcasting is still in its infancy, and will grow even more in the future, creating new media stars in their own right. Talent that would never have been heard in the past is emerging now, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Your great list emphasises business podcasters, of whom I am one. The same phenomenon is occurring in every other topic area as well. The future is indeed bright for podcasters.

    Thanks again for creating this great list of so many talented people.

  17. Sandy Naidu Says:

    Thank You…This is a wonderful resource….I love listening to podcasts and a list like this very helpful


  18. Regina Baker Says:

    Thank you so much for including Christian Business Talk Radio! Marlo and I are extremely grateful to be included in this wonderful resource! Praise God.

  19. Shawn Smith Says:

    Thanks so much for compiling this list. it’s really great! There’s some great sources on here that are sure to help out a lot of growing busiensses, like mine. I picked out a few, will let you know which ones are the best I came across.

  20. Lalita Amos Says:

    I’m honored that you included “Like Nobody’s Business” in this august list of top business ‘casts! I’m glad to know that they are making a difference.

    Congratulations also to all the other podcasters listed here. There are so many great podcasts here, I’m sure to have my iPod packed with good stuff.

    Best to Small Business Trends Radio–the best thing since cheese in a can!


  21. Sharon @ New Urban Mom Says:

    Glad to see Kelly McCausey’s WAHMTalk Radio podcast on here – it’s one of the most accessible, clearly presented resources for work at home moms. I’ll have to come back here often Anita – I use to be active in the NE Ohio business community and hope to return soon. You’re information is excellent.

  22. Tera Leaman Says:

    Long time reader – first time poster.
    Oh my gosh you guys I don’t know if you’ve heard of “”conversations with miollionaires”” but I just found out Jason Oman who did that book is going to be doing a new one for female entrepreneurs like us. Here’s the page I came across so you can get updates about it too.
    I can’t wait for it because I loved his first book. I hear he’s gonna have Martha Stewart, Ray Rachel, Kim Kiyosaki the wife of the guy from rich dad poor dad.
    You can obtain more info at

  23. Henri Schauffler Says:

    Thanks for this great list. Should keep my I Pod busy for awhile!

    I’m going to pass the URL around – many clients and friends can benefit. We should all turn our cars and treadmills into “traveling universities.”

  24. The CEO Coach Says:

    CEO Coaching: 100 Business Podcasts

    I just found an excellent resource. Turn your car or treadmill into a mobile university, as Brian Tracy likes to say. Here is a list of 100 podcasts, which are simply downloadable audios by top notch business experts. There are

  25. Marie Says:

    Hi there — Here’s another that people may find useful: The Stanford Technology Ventures Program offers its Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders lecture series via free podcast at

  26. Rick Savoia Says:

    I was googling around found this web site. I am surprised and honored to find The Force Field on this list. I would like to add that although it is listed under inactive podcasts the show is indeed active and a new episode was released yesterday. The show was placed on an extended hiatus while I prepared to move from Florida to my new home in North Carolina. I also built a web portal around the show to provide my listeners technical and business resources to start, manage and grow their IT businesses. The Force Field is now back in production and is available from our web site at


    Rick Savoia
    Host of The Force Field, a podcast for IT Service Professionals

  27. AK Says:

    How can you forget this great Business video lessons and podcast collection at

  28. Gordon Cramer Says:

    I own and run a small, home based, internet radio and web TV station here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
    I noted that you mentioned that I’m Boss.TV is no longer updated and thought that you may like to take a look at what we do.

    The site has been in existance for 2.5 years and is now attractibg some useful visitor numbers.

    I have just started putting some short TV/Video ‘programmes’ on the site with a remarkable and instant positive response more than doubling site visitors within a week.

    One of the attractions for the site is the availability of free audio/video workshop content based on the workshops and seminars that I deliver around Australia and have done for a number of years. These are quite comprehensive and I am expanding the range almost every week.

    Next week we will have a Lawyer recording his first programme which talks about small business issues such as copyright, trademarks and on getting arrested! A business coach starts his programme the following week with more specialists in the pipeline ready to roll.

    Amongst new topics will be LEAP! Leveraging Existing Assets and Products, a diagnostic style of programme that provides the viewers with a simple to use diagnostic tool that actually puts a shape to their business. Anopther will be Succession Planning which will involve a number of specialist presenters, it’s main message will be that you don’t have to be thinking of selling your business to have a succession plan.

    I do hope that our station will be of interest to you and would love to link up and communicate with our counterparts throughout the US.

    Very best regards

    Gordon Cramer
    +61 7 5456 4818
    Cell: +61 (0) 408 920 383

  29. Rosh Says:

    Great list. Someone should do an update a year later, a lot a changed. One of my favorite podcasts is

    Great for creative business people. But, any business that learn from it.

  30. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I will strive to belong to that list next time around. Stay tuned for EGO podcast / blog talk radio!

    Best Premises,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  31. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    For my show on SolidVox, click on “comment by Martin Lindeskog” if you want to listen to interviews with editorial cartoonist, Allen Forkum of Cox & Forkum, and novelist, Ed Cline, author of Sparrowhawk series.

  32. Val Hughes Says:

    We have a stock market talk show podcast, where two 25 year Wall Street Veterans, Val Hughes and Vern Value, (not their real names in order to protect their jobs), shoot the breeze about stocks every Friday after work. It’s fun, educational and entertaining. It’s a half hour show every Friday since Dec 2005.
    We would be honored to be considered for your business podcast category. All past shows are archived at
    Thanks for taking our note. Best regards, Val Hughes

  33. grant olver Says:

    Hi Anita,

    Firstly- S.B.T.R. is fantastic,Ilove the more esoteric themes of some of your shows and all involved are to be congratulated.

    Secondly and I am not sure this is the forum to bring something to your production teams notice.

    But because I enjoy the show immensely I would just like to ask if there was someone of having higher quality sound,as often find it difficult to understand some areas of the podcast because of the poor sound quality.

    The sound levels require some sort of modulation as I often have to quickly turn the volume down on a question but when a guest etc answers I immediately have to turn up the volume and so on.

    Hope this is taken as constructive feedback as it really is a great podcast,thankyou

  34. Anita Campbell Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Grant.

    We’ve tried so many different providers to record the podcasts — and we haven’t been satisified with any of them really.

    One thing we’re doing is more text transcripts, so that at least the information gets through in text.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    — Anita

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  36. Michelle Says:

    Bizymoms was recently honored to talk live with Bestselling Authors Dr Gary Chapman and Beverly Lewis. Both of these inspirational recordings are available at for anyone who’d like to listen.
    Check out the following sites for more information on Books released –

  37. John Beck Property Vault Says:

    Hi! Good post. I’ve noticed this new craze of John Beck’s program.I have bought this system and giving it a shot. My friend and I are currently studying his program.

  38. James Says:

    Love the podcast on the Business Manager, thanks for the great list!

  39. robin Says:

    Really informative and helpful podcasts for small business owners.

  40. Internet Business Says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for compiling this list. is really great! There are some excellent resources here that are sure to help a lot of growing businesses, like mine. I chose a few, will let you know what are the best we found.

  41. Says:

    100 Small Business Audio Podcasts | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Advice…

    Free Small Business Plans Business Plan Outline Guide, Writing Business Plan Tips Developing Your Business Plan…

  42. Andy Says:

    Thank you very much for compiling this list. Your section on Startups and Starting a Business which is just great!

    At some point I would like to include a podcast
    on our website theme of cleaning occupation.

  43. Ohio Business Says:

    This is an awesome list! I bet it took quite awhile to compile it.

  44. Internet Marketing Podcast Says:

    Really good list, thanks for compiling it.

    I’m a regular listener to the Blog Business Success podcast but you’ve just uncovered a whole load more. I’m going to be pretty busy listening to all of these.

    It’s good to have included stuff like the Make Money on eBay series too.

  45. J.D Says:

    These audio podcasts could be great for my article marketing efforts.

  46. Business audio | Bestofcorpusch Says:

    […] 100 Small Business Audio Podcasts | Small Business Trends Radio …Aug 22, 2007 … Sometimes it can be hard to determine which of the many small business podcasts will provide what you need. So much audio, so little time. […]

  47. 7 Audio Business Sites Says:

    […] 100 Small Business Audio Podcasts | Small Business Trends Radio .Aug 22, 2007 Sometimes it can be hard to determine which of the many small business podcasts will provide what […]

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