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Ensuring The Safety & Productivity Of Your Employees

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Jay Levy on Ensuring The Safety & Productivity Of Your Employees.Many small businesses are experiencing a growing need for high quality monitoring services to ensure the security and safety of their business and employees. And with today’s technology, there are a number of solutions that can be provided from anywhere in the world – via an Internet connection.

Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Jay Levy, Founder and President of Trueview Services. Jay discusses how small business owners can provide safety, security and privacy to their employees and business through a monitoring system.

Here is a sampling from the show:

  • Fire Alarms — smoke detectors, surveillance systems, fire drills and the like are all ways to ensure the safety of your employees. Ask that your local fire department assist in one of your fire drills to reduce risk potential and provide insights to yourself and your employees.
  • Ensure productivity — through the installation of an IP based monitoring system. This is a high quality, cost effective, Internet based system that allows you to login from anywhere in the world. The recording device is housed within a hosted data system — making this “software as a service” for the surveillance industry.
  • Potential injuries — health issues, fires, slip and fall, stolen goods and productivity loss are all issues that can come as a result of not having a monitoring system in place. As you can see, a lot can go wrong and ensuring proper systems are in place can prevent liability.
  • Think prevention — by making sure you are displaying the proper safety signs for exit locations and evacuation instructions. Brail is also available. Contact your insurance agent for manuals, pamphlets, etc. to provide to your employees and perform a walk through with your local fire department.

Jay has more to share with you along with some interesting stories from his own experiences. To listen to Jay’s insights, click the player below to listen to the full interview.

And stay tuned at the end of the program for Today’s Trend: Business Podcasting — Best Practices Circa 2007.

3 Responses to “Ensuring The Safety & Productivity Of Your Employees”

  1. EJMalyn Says:

    This is definetly monitoring safety very easy and it covers it all. I like that Brail is available

  2. Chris Says:

    I like his suggestion of a walk through with your local fire department. I never would’ve considered that to be an option, although I don’t necessarily know why. I’m not to keen on surveillance in the work place, however, if done for the right reasons, it’s a positive event.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Although I am my only employee it does sound like a good idea to have a walk thru with the local fire department. Especially when I have so many flammable supplies in my work area. I never knew that was even a possibilty.

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