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Podcast Review: Business With Cents Podcast

Podcast ReviewsSeptember 3, 2007By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Business With Cents Podcast.

Description: This is a Podcast based on a business philosophy that a successful business can be created without a large sum of start up money. It is about an entrepreneur who is creating a business with change collected from an ordinary piggy bank.

Comments: This is a newer Podcast that is following a diary like format tracking the creation of a small business. Hosted by Anthony LeGree it has clear, good sound and a nice music intro. Most shows are monologues to date but Anthony is also starting to interview guest contributors.

Listen and learn about Anthony setting goals, reviewing progress and outlining distractions. This Podcast is a way for the listener to learn about the steps Anthony is following to get the business underway.

He shares his process for business definition, logo and marketing plan, registering the business to make it legal, the mission of the business and the value proposition.

Follow along as Anthony exposes his process and progress, much can be learned from the challenges and progress of others.

Pluses: I like the authenticity of the content, nothing fancy, just honest and basic. I like the instant play and the website is good, it contains images, multiple RSS subscription opportunities, ‘send-a-friend’, and several social networking buttons and tools to enable building a community.

Minuses: I would like to see more comprehensive show notes in the posts and I think outlining some more detailed show notes would help Anthony flow his audio more smoothly. (It feels at times that Anthony is getting distracted from his main subject)

Recommendation: If you like following real journeys of a small business startup then you should check out and even participate with the BusinessWithCents Podcast.

6 Responses to “Podcast Review: Business With Cents Podcast”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’ve come across Anthony’s podcast before and it caught my eye. I really like the fact that he’s using it, as Steve said, as a diary of sorts regarding his business progress. I’m sure there are many out there that can relate to that and his experiences he’s encountered. It’s a nice twist.

  2. Amanda Says:

    His podcasts are nice to listen to. I do like that his podcasts are more like a personal diary than strictly business. I do agree that each show needs a more specific description of what they contain. I want to be able to pick & choose what shows to listen to before having to click on them. The interview that he is doing first sounds like it could be pretty interesting.

  3. Anita Campbell Says:

    This is a fun podcast — and creative.

  4. Brian Says:

    I really like the podcast. I have listened to all of the shows. I think that Anthony gets better with each episode. Keep it up and good luck with your business!

  5. Anthony LeGree Says:

    Thank you for reviewing the Business With Cents Podcast. I started it when I decided to create my own business about 7 weeks ago, and have been pleasantly surprised and amazed at how many people can be reached, have opinions, and participate in this online business community. It has instilled in me a new sense of confidence, creativity, and motivation needed to succeed. I will take your review very seriously and do my best to continually improve on the Podcast. Thanks again!!

  6. EJMalyn Says:

    Agree, that this is a fun Podcast with a lot of knowledge from someone who decided to make what he wanted really work. Let me wish Anthony great luck and a tip of the hat. Great job!

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