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Putting The Whiz Into Small Business Software

Paul Johnston on Putting the whiz into small business software.Video and PC Gaming is a popular pastime. But what does that have to do with small business? Well, many of the requirements to attain success are needed in both worlds. Strategizing, meeting deadlines, collaboration, playing to win and taking risks. All are attributes of success in sales – and in gaming.

Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Paul Johnston, President and CEO of Entellium. Paul explains how Entellium has made this connection and developed a new approach to small business software that helps simplify the sales process and increase overall productivity through a new software affectionately named Rave CRM.

Here is a sampling from the show:

  • Eighty percent — of employees under the age of 34 have had experience with video or PC gaming. The average salesperson is between the ages of 25 and 35 – competitive, fast-moving and risk takers – attributes found in gaming that sales reps also desire in business software.
  • Video Games — reveal your capabilities to you and, in order to advance, you must use them successfully. Competition is the drive and your stats are available for all to see. Video and PC games are designed to create success. And it is possible for business software to be designed in the same manner – to create success.
  • Mirrored gaming — features such as presenting information visually, rather than in text lists, and using a star rating system are all gaming trends that users respond to positively. Features that can prove successful through the use of CRM software that incorporates these attributes.
  • CRM — or customer relationship management is a business tool to help you acquire leads inexpensively, offer success through repeated processes, and assists in servicing your customer. CRM does this by following a repeated process, managing work flow, and empowering your sales force to be successful by harnessing their passion to help them achieve their objective.

Paul shares the many valuable insights that Entellium has gained by studying the gaming habits of younger individuals that achieve successful levels in the video and PC gaming world. And stay tuned at the end of the program for Today’s Trend: Sound bites of Wisdom from Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders at the Inc 500.

To listen to Paul’s insights, click the player below to listen to the full interview.

3 Responses to “Putting The Whiz Into Small Business Software”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Very interesting to hear the comparisons between successful business employees and gamers. I guess it would make sense that gamers can figure out softwear more easily.

  2. Chris Says:

    I really liked this show and all of the observations that Paul and Entellium have made make perfect sense to me. As well, the software and the site for it are very unique. I wonder what the success rate is of those currently making use of the software?

  3. Tom Greenberg Says:

    Yesterday said it will generate $1 Billion in revenues in 2008. How does a company like entellium compete against the likes of, Netsuite, RightNow and

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