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Eliminate the Hassles and Expenses of Sending Large Files

Ranjith Kumaran on Eliminating Hassles And Expenses When Sending Large Files.In this age of speed and instant communication small businesses of all types regularly have the need to send large files such as digital images, audio, video, PDFs & more on a regular basis.

Many times when we send a large file we experience email bounce-backs or have no idea if the file successfully made it to the intended recipient. This then means we have to manually follow up to insure receipt and doing so cost time and money to the business. It would be a great help if this waste of time and effort could be eliminated.

Luckily there is a secure and convenient way to send, receive and track your digital content.

Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Ranjith Kumaran, Founder of YouSendIt. In this show you will learn how to avoid email bounce-backs and gain insight to a solution that can replace the use of FTP sites and help avoid overnight courier services for physical media like CD’s and DVD’s.

Here is a sampling of topics discussed during the show

  • Digital, Audio and Video Content — is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. And following that trend is the growth in the storage requirements and file size of audio and video files.
  • Files Don’t Get to the Destination — A common problem with these larger files is that you may send digital content to clients, co-workers and other recipients that may not have the capability to retrieve it due to email system limitations. Using an online service such as YouSendIt can help remedy this problem.
  • Send, Receive and Track — large, multiple files up to 2 GB each with YouSendIt. Send entire folders, create zip files, create a dropbox, use plugins and password protection, control access, expiration and more.
  • Brand Your Large File Distribution — Small businesses can gain the benefits of incorporating their brand and messaging within the file distribution emails. You can send bigger files to more people and take advantage of long term file storage and improve your business efficiency.
  • Plugins — YouSendIt also increases the efficiency for small business by making Pugins that integrate the online service into Outlook, Photoshop, PaperPort, and more. Now there’s no need to leave your normal desktop applications environment to send or receive files.

Learn more about the benefits of YouSendIt to small businesses and as a bonus hear some details on how Ranjith started the business in Silicon Valley, obtained venture capital and is planning for future growth.

To listen to Ranjith’s full interview, click the player below.

4 Responses to “Eliminate the Hassles and Expenses of Sending Large Files”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This sounds like a very useful service. It’s great that you will get confirmation when the file is dowloaded.

  2. Chris Says:

    This is a nice service, I’v used it myself. A friend of mine is in video production down south. Once a year, he returns to PA to come camping and we take a lot of video footage. He goes back to FL, edits the video, makes a production of it, and then sends the video file and footage of our trip to all of us back here in PA.

    He wouldn’t be able to do so without this service as the files are extremely large. They also use this service for business purposes and are very pleased with it.

  3. EJMalyn Says:

    I am very familiar with YouSedit. I was introduced to YouSendit by my son who lives out of state. He sends me video clips just to let me know what’s going on…the files are very large. YouSendit is great in handling these large files. A great way of just keeping in touch. Thank you YouSendit!

  4. Brandon Says:

    You can also try palshare
    They allow you to upload complete folders and files and it also zips your files during uploading so the download process is really easy and fast. Seems to work really well.

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