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Top 5 Popular Small Business Podcasts

Top Monthly PodcastsNovember 14, 2007By

So far we’ve had a great year here at Small Business Trends Radio, with a new expert each week. The result is a wealth of business advice.

From time to time we share the most popular small business podcasts with you. Today we want to share the top 5 most popular small business podcasts for the year to-date with you.

Congratulations to the small business experts listed below — they had the most requested audio podcasts between January and October 2007.

Here are the Top 5 Popular Small Business Podcasts:

Ruth King, CEO of Entrepreneurial Terror: Through Dark Days Into the Light
Ruth King, CEO of
Uplifting true-life stories of entrepreneurs who overcame crises. One of the stories Ruth shares is even her own.

Ron McDaniel of What’s All This Buzz About Buzz Marketing?Transcript Available
Ron McDaniel, CEO of
The trend toward buzz marketing and word of mouth marketing – and why they are so important today.

Erik Luhrs How To Reduce Stress On The Job – The Easy Way
Erik Luhrs, President of BOOM, Inc.
Shedding a few tears may be worth a million dollars. Stress can be eliminated through a few small steps towards balance.

Liz Franklin on Getting Organized, Really Organized For Small Business Getting Really Organized For Small BusinessTranscript Available
Liz Franklin, Founder of Miz Liz On Biz
Pull new cash and productivity out of your existing business as a substitute for more time and money.

Thomas Raef Why Hackers Love Small BusinessesTranscript Available
Thomas Raef, Founder of e-Based Security
Cyber criminals will break into your network and steal sensitive data. Offers practical tips to protect your systems.

The great thing about podcasts is that they can be listened to over and over. They’ve got a long shelf life. We hope you enjoy the information.

6 Responses to “Top 5 Popular Small Business Podcasts”

  1. EJMalyn Says:

    I can certainly see why they are rated top 5. A wealth of infor here and “congrat” to all. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ron McDaniel Says:

    Wow – It is so nice to see that even after more than a year, our interview is still useful for people.

    Thanks Anita

  3. Chris Says:

    My personal fave was added. . .Erik Luhrs and reducing stress. Definitely inspirational and worth the listen.

    I also found the hackers and small business show a real eye-opener. If you own a small business and have an Internet presence – you better have a listen.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Definitely a great list. I am partial to the buzz marketing show and also found the hacker show very helpful.

  5. Buzzoodle Ron Says:

    Thanks Amanda – You are my favorite commenter. 🙂

  6. Fred333 Says:

    That was so informative. Thanks compiling that list. Really enjoyed it.

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