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Podcast Review: Blue Box Podcast

Podcast ReviewsDecember 17, 2007By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Blue Box Podcast.

Description: Dan York and Jonathan Zar once a week (roughly) get together to have a conversation about Voice-over-IP (VoIP) security.

Comments: Great sound, nice music, Dan and Jonathon tag team a big topic that is very relevant to small businesses today, VOIP security.

Each Podcast is about 45 minutes in length and they have been at it since October of 2005, there are over 70 Podcasts for your enjoyment. Here is a sampling of some recent topics they covered:

– VLAN Hopping, SIP Digest vulnerability, VoIP security hype, Skype security, Google’s latest moves
– Interview with ZFone and ZRTP creator Phil Zimmermann by Brenno de Winter
– Linksys SPA-941 vulnerability, SIP DDoS, New release of SIPVicious, Asterisk security roadmap
– SIP Security discussion with Cullen Jennings of IETF and Cisco

Yes this is a deep technology show, Dan and Jonathon discuss the very latest in VOIP technology and related security issues.

Pluses: Instant Play (My Favorite), RSS Feeds, extensive show notes, categories, good content and sound and an incredible amount of material is available.

Minuses: The 2 right sidebars are VERY busy and distract my eye from the left column content too much. I know there is value in the sidebars buy it is not easy to use. (IMHO)

Recommendation: If VOIP is important to you then you MUST add this long lived and content packed Podcast to your list of must listens. Check out the Blue Box Podcast today!

One Response to “Podcast Review: Blue Box Podcast”

  1. EJMalyn Says:

    Really worth the listen, great topics. Instant play is also one of my favorites.

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