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Increase Sales Through The Power Of Video

Derrick Guest on How to Increase Sales Through The Power Of Video. If your methods of advertising and marketing are missing their mark, why not spruce things up a bit and step into the modern world by incorporating new technology into the mix?

Our featured guest in this Episode of The Small Business Trends Radio is Derrick M. Guest, CEO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Service, Inc. Derrick says it’s possible to improve your sales margins — all through the power of video.JumpUp

Derrick elaborates on the following topics:

  • How does video assist small business owners? — By connecting emotionally to customers. An important and often overlooked factor. Video brings your personality and integrity to the forefront and boosts your professionalism and credibility.
  • How can video be used in small businesses? — Well, in many different ways. But reality video, testimonials and sharing stories are just a few that allow the customer the ability to connect visually. Visual impressions create lasting impressions and assist in emotional connections.
  • What are the important basics of creating a successful video clip? — That’s simple. People like stories. Telling them, sharing them, hearing them. Convey a story – professionally and with technical expertise.
  • What are the benefits of video over print and direct marketing ads? — To name a big one – customer response. Derrick discusses the differences between customer responses generated by video as opposed to direct and print ads.

As CEO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc., Derrick discusses the benefits of video for small business and how to make use of that technology for your own business. Griot, which means storyteller in Swahili, is a maturing company specializing in video marketing, multi-media, production, post-production and web distribution.

Not sure how you can make video work for your small business? Would you like to hear the suggestions Derrick has? You can do so by clicking the player below and listening to Derrick’s interview.

13 Responses to “Increase Sales Through The Power Of Video”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Fascinating interview! Derrick M. Guest: Have you heard about Talk Fusion? I have been using it for some time. I am not a professional video user, but it is fun to test out a new way of sending an audio visual message.

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  2. Vivian Young Says:

    I enjoyed listening to Derrick Guest’s ideas on using video to attract customers. I think it’s worth taking a closer look, and I hope business give it a try.

    Vivian Young
    Floral Scene

  3. James Lisbon Says:

    Wondefully informative and also innovative. Mr. Guest is truly giving the small business owner an advantage of learning how to compete in this competitive and ever growing technology. He carefully explains the advantages of moving forward with video, something my company must further incorporate this year.

    Good deal


  4. Chris Says:

    I really have to agree with his main focus as well – which is story telling. And there’s no greater tool to do so than video. People do love to hear stories, and especially one’s that they can relate to.

    When I hear someone’s else’s personal story and they’ve told it rather openly and without fear, I admire that.

  5. Amanda Says:

    Derrick has some really thought provoking ideas on how to use video. I think it would be a really great idea for a business that has a great innovative product to show how the product was invented from start to finish. It definitely would catch my eye. Does anyone have video on their website? I’d love to see some.

  6. Chris Says:

    Amanda, that’s a fantastic idea. I watched a show one time that documented the process of how they make marshmallow “peeps.”

    Marshmallow peeps, you ask? Yea, I know. But amazingly enough – I was fascinated by the process. So I totally agree with you and think that’s a really great idea. Show us a products development from start to finish. . .neat.

    Derrick, you may want to incorporate this into your work for future clients!

  7. Amanda Says:

    Chris, that’s funny you mention the marshmallow peeps. One of my favorite shows on Food Network is “Unwrapped”. I love seeing how companies make foods especially when they “pull” sugar candy. It’s so interesting! I could see how a website could use video to catch attention of people like me that like that.

  8. Derrick Guest Says:

    Thank you Chris, Amanda and all who commented, for all your ideas. I watch the Food Channel and Unwrapped is one of my favorite shows. Video is such a great visual way to tell a story.

    If you ever want to see any of Griot’s Roll Film Production latest work you can send an e-mail to me and I will send you a link. Thank you all for your feedback. [email protected]

    Derrick M. Guest

  9. Monique Meghie Says:

    I enjoyed listening to Derrick’s information on videos. Technology is the only way now! You and your company is the gateway to getting other companies information out into the world. Good Job!

  10. EJMalyn Says:

    I’ve heard before that if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. I think that if you can encapsulate the who, what, where, when and how into a three to four minute video you can definitely increase your business without losing the viewer. From what I have seen I agree that production of the video is key. If one part of the video is lacking quality then that could possibly convey to the viewer that the product that is being sold could also lack quality. I will definitely utilize some of the points that Derrick had brought up. Understanding that bandwith can be an issue I wonder if it’s better to stream the video from the website or is it better to let the viewer download the video?

  11. Derrick Guest Says:

    Hey Ej,
    Thank you for the question, down loading a video may reduces bandwith uses on your site, but it some times takes a really long time for the video to down load to your clients computer depending on the speed of their internet connection, which may turn them off to the idea of watching your video. You might want to consider a you tube account to upload your video too, you can then embed your video into your website when the viewer clicks on the image of your video on your site it will directed the viewer to your you tube Video player which will allow them to view your video alot quicker.

  12. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Derrick M. Guest,

    I will send you an email regarding your video services. Have you had time to check out Talk Fusion? I am interested to hear your comments? I enjoyed to watch Food Network during my time in America. I look forward to watch that TV channel again.

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  13. Steve Says:

    Great article. Very interesting. The biggest challenge is to cover big catalogs with product videos. I have crossed an interesting company – Treepodia, who developed a smart technology that creates thousands of videos at a glance, from product images. Worthwhile to follow it.

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