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Ask The Guest: Plurking on the Internet

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Brian Wallace, President and Founder of NowSourcing, is joining us on Small Business Trends Radio on Tuesday, July 1st at 1:30PM EST to discuss Plurk, a new social media site. Brian will be discussing the ins and outs, the benefits of usage and everything you need to know to start “plurking” away in cyberspace.

Plurk is a new instant messaging system that is spread out in timeline form and allows for threaded conversations that you can jump right into. If you like Twitter, chances are that you’ll like Plurk, too.

If you have a question about Plurk, we’ll try to present it to Brian during the live show. The deadline for your questions is Monday, June 30th at noon Eastern time.

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5 Responses to “Ask The Guest: Plurking on the Internet”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I wonder how many are using the site currently?

  2. Joel Says:

    Are there any special features or functions directly related to business use? (Like any special applications or areas for small business in particular?) If not, are business men and women using the site or is the overall tone more social/personal right now?

  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Could you use the time line as a project management tool?

    I went to your blog and I got interested in friendfeed after I saw that someone has created a widget for

  4. Amanda Says:

    In some of the plurks I see clickable links and pictures. How do you add those into your plurk?

  5. Paula Says:

    How do we get the Karma points and what benefit does a higher score have?

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