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Ask The Guest: Your Trash Is Someone Else’s Treasure

Small Biz AdviceAugust 19, 2008By

Ask The Guest A Question!

Do you have a question for our upcoming radio show guest?

Tom Szaky, Founder of TerraCycle, is joining us on Small Business Trends Radio on Tuesday, August 26th at 1:30PM EST to discuss how he took waste such as plastic soda bottles, saved them from landfills and reused them to package his product. And what’s his product you ask? It’s organic fertilizer or worm “poo” to be exact. In addition to various other “green” products such as backpacks, lunch boxes and homework folders made from recycled Capri Sun pouches, organic cleaners and lawn care products.

If you have a question for Tom, we’ll try to present it to him during the live show. The deadline for your questions is Monday, August 25th at noon Eastern time.

Ask away below in the comments section!

4 Responses to “Ask The Guest: Your Trash Is Someone Else’s Treasure”

  1. BPFS Says:

    Its really amazing,I ma impressed on knowing about usefulness of this trash.

  2. Arthur Bland Says:

    For Tom Szaky:

    How about unused appliances? Many of my neighbors here are just throwing away unused appliances since they have this mentality that it would cost them more if they will try to get the appliance fix in an electronic shop. Though, I don’t know how to fix things like these, do you have any suggestion that I can do with these appliances? Is there any way I could start business from it?

    @ Staci,

    I may not be able to listen to the live radio broadcast, I hope you’ll be posting his answer here in your site. Thanks in advance.

  3. Rose Anderson Says:

    Hi Arthur,

    You can sell those appliances to different factories. I’m pretty sure they can still use the electronic parts from it.

  4. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Trash in, “poo” out?! 😉

    A question: Do you have to pay for the trash?

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