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Ask The Guest: Using Outside Consultants and Freelancers

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Do you have a question for our upcoming radio show guest?

Cathy Siciliano, Senior Director of Marketing at Elance, is joining us on Small Business Trends Radio on Tuesday, September 2nd at 1:30PM EST to share tips on the best practices for working with an outside freelancer or consultant. From defining the project scope to finding the right person all the way to setting up the engagement and managing the work.

If you have a question for Cathy, we’ll try to present it to her during the live show. The deadline for your questions is Monday, September 1st at noon Eastern time.

Ask away below in the comments section!

4 Responses to “Ask The Guest: Using Outside Consultants and Freelancers”

  1. Paula Says:

    What is the clearest way to define the work needed? Should you use contracts? Are deadlines recommended?

  2. Arthur Bland Says:

    Hi Paula. You have to make contracts and set reasonable deadlines. That does not just benefit only you as the entrepreneur but that will help a lot to your hired freelancer.

  3. Chris Says:

    I’d like to ask Cathy what she thinks the number one problem to overcome would be?

  4. Chaitanya Sagar Says:

    How do you if the price you are paying is the right price?

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