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Ask The Guest: Get More Done

Small Biz AdviceNovember 4, 2008By

Ask The Guest A Question!

Do you have a question for our upcoming radio show guest?

Bill Baren, Founder of Bill Baren Coaching, is joining us on Small Business Trends Radio on Tuesday, November 11th at 1:30PM EST. Bill will share time management practices that you can use immediately to help you prioritize your work, increase your productivity, minimize distractions and decrease your stress level.

If you have a question for Bill, we’ll try to present it to him during the live show. The deadline for your questions is Monday, November 10th at noon Eastern time.

Ask away below in the comments section!

3 Responses to “Ask The Guest: Get More Done”

  1. Bianca Aquino Says:

    Are there any time management software that you recommend for use?

  2. Arthur Bland Says:

    Yes. Would like to know the effective way to minimize distractions from working from home.

  3. Rose Anderson Says:

    I’m wondering what specific time management practice can decrease stress level.

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