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New Thinking For Challenging Times: Best Year Ever!

Small Biz AdviceJanuary 7, 2009By

New Thinking For Challenging Times: Best Year Ever!

Kevin Kelly, internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, set the goal of writing a best selling book even though he had consistently received poor grades in English, had no publisher and indeed no hope according to some. He passionately believes that the thinking behind his goals is what is required to survive the current environment.

“We need to not just THINK differently but DO differently to build our business for the long term.”

Kevin provides us with a “how to” of thinking and doing differently – to achieve your best year ever:

  • Thinking precedes — excellence. With the correct thinking the doors to possibility are opened. Stanford University recently stated that the single most important factor that strong leaders posses is self-awareness. If you understand yourself, you can make correct choices for yourself that will lead to your ultimate happiness.
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is — everywhere. For instance, have you interacted with someone recently concerning a particular topic only to find that their response was about an entirely different topic? Experiences such as that give you a sense of the great amount of ADD hindering our communications daily.
  • To design the life you want — you must realize that the changes needed are within yourself. YOU are the problem, YOU are the solution. You are responsible for your own happiness. Continually returning to old familiar patterns and/or habits out of fear will only keep you running in place, unable to reach your goals. If it isn’t working, why are you returning to it?
  • Like attracts — like. People attract like minded individuals to themselves. If you change the way you think, you will change the experiences, people, personality types and opportunities that are drawn to you over time. A simple shift of perspective can literally change your entire life and all of your future experiences.
  • Five year olds are in the — genius group. They have already achieved the most amazing things they’ll ever accomplish in their life. They’ve learned to walk, talk and retain 80% of the words necessary to communicate daily. By the age of 25, only 2% of us are left in that group. This is an example of how we tend to loose those abilities which are not encouraged and developed within us over the years of time.

Kevin’s insights are priceless and the information he shares can literally help you begin to shift your perspective and start initiating changes necessary to lead you to the ultimate life you want.

Listen to Kevin’s full interview by clicking the red and yellow player below now.

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7 Responses to “New Thinking For Challenging Times: Best Year Ever!”

  1. Arthur Bland Says:

    “We need to not just THINK differently but DO differently to build our business for the long term.” – Exactly Kevin. Nothing will happen to our lives if we just think, stare and wait what will happen next.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Nice interview Kevin. I completely agree that we all hold the power within ourselves to change and evolve. People get stuck in a rut and always wait for lightening to strike and change their lives for them. I totally believe in taking control and making sure you are your #1 concern.

  3. Mary Grace Ignacio Says:

    Definitely Amanda. That thought really helped me in guiding me what to do. In fact, it goes the same way with my favorite quote: “Destiny has to be achieved and not to be waited!”

  4. Rose Anderson Says:

    If it isn’t working, why are you returning to it? – this is the most difficult problem that most of the people face. A dilemma.

  5. Bianca Aquino Says:

    Like attracts — like. — this is exactly opposite to the law of charges. The same charges repel and different charges attracts. This is truly inspiring how business can even break a scientifically proven theory.

  6. Chris Says:

    This was an inspiring, upbeat interview with lots of practical advice. I really do believe that we are the creators of our realities. Interesting tidbit about 5 years olds, too. That’s fascinating.

  7. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I look forward to listen to the podcast. As you have said, it is about correct thinking and apply the ideas to your own life.

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