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Long Tail SEO: Get Fast Traction With Google

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Tom McConnon: Long Tail SEO: Get Fast Traction With Google

Many small business owners do not know what effective keywords to target or how to effectively target them with link building.  The the importance of “long tail” SEO to small businesses is often overlooked.

Case in point: A used book store owner might aspire to rank on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase “used books.”  While this phrase is searched thousands of times each month, it’s also massively competitive and won’t drive very qualified traffic.  A series of “long tail” keywords that are less competitive and drive very qualified traffic would be much more effective.

LotusJumpTom McConnon, Product Manager of LotusJump, joins hosts Anita Campbell to share “long tail” keyword research and SEO tips that every small business owner can benefit from.

Below are the questions we asked Tom in this episode:

  • (3:04) First Tom, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?
  • (4:50) What can someone actually use LotusJump for?
  • (6:38) Explain with a concrete example how SEO can really help a small business?
  • (7:57) What is “long tail SEO” and where did this phrase come from?
  • (10:20) If you’re picking keywords, what kind of tools do you have at your disposal?  What can you do to expand that list?
  • (15:19) The more detailed the search request, the closer you are to finding exactly what you’re looking for, correct?
  • (19:18) I have noticed that when you do a blog post, you may get a good position from keywords in the title.  But over time, you loose that position due to algorithm changes.  Do you find that to be true?
  • (23:51) What are some good link building tips and resources for a “long tail SEO” strategy?
  • (30:51) Can you give us a quick summary of your tips today?
  • (32:26) Tom, where can people find out more on the web?

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7 Responses to “Long Tail SEO: Get Fast Traction With Google”

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  2. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Tom McConnon,

    I will listen to the interview during this weekend. My wild guess is that “long tail SEO” is coming from Chris Anderson’s article in Wired in 2004.

  3. Marketing Your Store Says:

    I would add for local small businesses to include a geo-targeted keyword modifier in your long-tail title to help capture your local target audience.

  4. Sara Says:

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  6. Malaysia SEO In Singapore Says:

    Yes, love to recommend “long tail” keywords to my clients and they appreaciate it. According to data collected by Hitwise, long tail keywords is getting popular in USA.

  7. alex Says:

    What I like about small business owners is that they are not afraid to take huge risks and lay it all on the line. But, I agree they do need a lot of help with their marketing. I think having them go the social media and email route is not only the least expensive but its also the most effective. Thanks for the stats!

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