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Communicating When Your Site Goes Down

David Hauser: Communicating With Users When Your Site Goes Down

If you own and operate a web site, chances are that you have experienced a crash at some point in time.  It’s a fact, sites go down – and for many different reasons.  But when your site goes down, what do you do?  Create a great “cover” story?  Panic?  Turn up missing in action?  Hopefully, it’s none of the above.

crowdSPRINGMike Samson, Co-founder of crowdSPRING, joins hosts Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski to discuss the awkward moments when your online product or service crashes, what to do to keep your community coming back – and how a litle honesty can go a long way.

Below are the questions we asked Mike in this episode:

  • (2:14) First Mike, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you came to found crowsSPRING?
  • (5:09) It sounds as if the buyer is really in the drivers seat on this, correct?
  • (6:39) How do the people in the creative field feel about the model?
  • (8:02) What’s the best and worst way to break bad news to site visitors and users?
  • (10:53) What was the reaction to that email, Mike?
  • (12:54) Can you give us an example of what one such message might have said?
  • (14:14)  So rather than being a sign of weakness, it was really something that helped build and strengthen the community?
  • (15:44) How do you regain trust after suffering a stumble and fall?
  • (19:41) What’s the best away to deal with user suggestions without letting the “inmates run the asylum?”
  • (21:26) Do you have a closed loop with them?
  • (22:06) Do you think people really want you to act or do they just want to know you’re listening?
  • (23:22) How do you roll out new features so they’re embraced as improvements and not just change?
  • (24:54) What is the business model for crowdSPRING?
  • (26:44) If there are one or two things that you’ve learned or would’ve done differently, what would those be?
  • (28:47) Mike, where can people find out more on the web?

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2 Responses to “Communicating When Your Site Goes Down”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I will listen to this podcast during my weekend walk. As an experienced purchaser the following line peaked my interest:

    “(5:09) It sounds as if the buyer is really in the drivers seat on this, correct?”

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