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How to Cherry Pick Ideas to Improve Your Business

EntrepreneursOctober 27, 2009By

David Kord Murray: How to Cherry Pick Ideas to Improve Your BusinessDo you know where the term “Pirates of Silicone Valley” comes from?  Well, did you know that Bill Gates borrowed the idea for Windows from Steve Jobs?  And Steve Jobs borrowed the idea from Xerox and Xerox borrowed the idea from an obscure academic researcher?  Hence, the birth of the term “Pirates of Silicone Valley.”

How to Cherry Pick Ideas to Improve Your BusinessDavid Kord Murray, former head of innovation at Intuit and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Borrowing Brilliance,” joins hosts Anita Campbell to explain how a small business owner can start to think creatively by borrowing ideas from the world around them to create a new product – or improve on their existing service.

Below are the questions we asked David:

  • (5:41) First David, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background regarding public relations?
  • (8:11) What do you mean by “cherry picking ideas?”  How do you actually do that?
  • (9:17)  You say that anyone can think creatively.  Do you really believe that to be true?  What is it that makes some more creative than others?
  • (10:25) So you believe that we are born creative and we just slowly fall out of touch with that creativity?
  • (11:04) What are the best sources for new ideas in one’s business?  How do you find those new ideas?
  • (15:48) Now when you saying “borrowing,” you’re not referring to stealing a competitors intellectual property, correct?
  • (16:29) Can you explain how mountain climbing helps you to be more innovative and solve problems?
  • (21:27) What are some other steps about the creative process that people should become good at and try to practice and learn?
  • (24:21) Would you agree with the claims from others that “acting” moves you further than “thinking?”
  • (27:03) You spoke in the book about a big marketing idea you had.  How long did an idea like that take from conception to revelation?
  • (29:21) Is there any point that you’d like to wrap up with to help entrepreneurs become more creative and innovative?
  • (30:06) David, where can people find out more about your business?

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  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    It was interesting to hear David Kord Murray’s personal story and his ideas on how you develop business ideas.

  4. RedHotFranchises Says:

    Good artists copy, Great artists steal is one of my favorite quotes from Pirates of The Silicon Valley.
    It is simple to cherry pick idea’s, the next thing is how you can effectively scale your idea.

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