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Affiliate Programs: What Every Small Business Should Know

Geno Prussakov: AM NavigatorGeno Prussakov, a veteran of the affiliate marketing industry and Founder of AM Navigator, offers his insider tips and “how to” advice on properly setting up a successful affiliate program. 

AM NavigatorGeno joins Anita Campbell to let you know what your expectations should be and how to achieve the results you’re looking for.  You want to make sure that when you enter into an affiliate program, you need to set your expectations accordingly so that you’re not disappointed.

Below are the questions we asked Geno:

  • (2:01) First, Geno, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (5:07) What keeps you busy in addition to the affiliate marketing industry?
  • (7:10) Can you define “affiliate marketing” for listeners?
  • (9:02) If I am a business owner of a small business, how do I know if an affiliate program is right for my business?  Which types of businesses are affiliate programs best suited for?
  • (11:18) Should I try to set up and run my program with a software program in-house, or should I go to one of the affiliate networking programs out there like ShareASale?
  • (14:01) Which of the affiliate programs out there are best for small businesses?  Are some better for small businesses or are some better for larger businesses?
  • (17:37) Can we assume that the recommendations you gave are affiliate networks that actually score very high on those sectors?
  • (20:08) How much should you assume that an affiliate program is going to cost your business? 
  • (22:34) If you’re going to be paying just fees to the affiliate or what might be equivalent to a sales commission, then how do you go about setting up the commission structure or the fee structure?
  • (24:56) Can you tell us a little bit about the affiliates out there?  What kinds are there and where do they advertise their products?
  • (27:04) Let’s talk about fraudulent affiliate accounts.  Is this something that a merchant should worry about and how frequently does this occur?  What should you do about it?
  • (28:40) What are three of the deadliest mistakes that a merchant can make while getting involved in affiliate marketing?
  • (30:20) What are a few good resources to learn about affiliate marketing?
  • (31:41) Where can people learn more about you on the Internet?

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  3. Jennifer Rai Says:

    Very good ideas!

  4. Paul Germana Says:

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