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The Virtual IT Department

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Mark Stellini: Virtual ResourcesJohn Panico: Virtual ResourcesIn today’s economic climate, the cost of setting up, maintaining and growing a business is a capital expense that many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not have access to – or simply cannot afford.  The good news is that small businesses can now save money by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with investing in IT hardware and software.

Small businesses can leverage the “cloud” and eliminate costs like never before.

Virtual ResourcesMark Stellini, Founder of Virtual Resources, and John Panico, VP of Sales & Marketing, join Anita Campbell and Brent Leary for an in-depth discussion to show you how it’s done.

Below are the questions we asked Mark and John:

  • (3:04) First, Mark, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (4:56) John, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
  • (5:48) What exactly does Virtual Resources do?
  • (6:40) What exactly can you do for small businesses?
  • (9:30) From a small business perspective, what do I need to equip my staff with?
  • (10:43) So basically, an employee only needs Internet access?  They don’t need any special equipment beyond that, correct?
  • (11:01) How do you know that you can continue with business operations and not get interrupted by a data loss that can’t be recovered or a disaster that takes out the computers?
  • (13:26) A lot of entrepreneurs think of “cloud computing” as connecting with a wireless connection and using Google apps and Gmail or other online services – and that’s cloud computing to them.  How does what Virtual Resources does differ from what I just described?
  • (15:03) So it’s really a more robust, sophisticated, tailorable type of approach than simply going online and picking a few software as a service applications that may be limited?  Which is OK for entrepreneurs starting out, but would not meet the needs of an established business?
  • (19:04) What are some of the applications that you typically host for small businesses when it comes to using your services?
  • (19:59) Are we talking things like accounting applications, CRM and the like?  What are some of the applications you host?
  • (22:02) Do you also help in terms of integrating applications that will make their life easier and hosting it on your side?
  • (22:33) Do you integrate with this whole area of unified communications?  Do you enable the Windows apps to work with the phone systems, too?
  • (23:30) Is the desktop Windows 7 based or are there a number of different Windows editions that you are able to work with?
  • (24:27) What are some of the business types that would really benefit most from the services you are providing?
  • (25:30) You are based in Delaware, but do you have a geographic location “sweet spot” or do you serve anywhere in the country or around the world?
  • (26:25) What are the costs involved with using a service like Virtual Resources provides?
  • (27:34) Where can people learn more?

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  1. Ben Says:

    Why stop at just IT you could either outsource everything or have an entire virtual business team with members from every state or country.

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