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Small Businesses Excel Through SCORE’s Mentoring Program

Small Businesses Excel Through SCORE’s Mentoring ProgramEveryone needs someone they can talk to and the same goes in business. A business mentor is someone that’s been there, done that, and the positive benefits of their ongoing wisdom and support are endless. A mentor is a friend, advisor, and confidant and a good mentor is one that takes an interest in the person – as a human being.

SCOREKen Yancey, CEO of SCORE, joins Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to discuss the benefits of small business mentoring and how it actually raises the chances for business success. Ken will provide an overview of SCORE’s Small Business Mentoring Program and highlight small businesses that are successful through the program, including those who have recently earned awards from SCORE.

Below are the questions we asked Ken:

  • (1:56) First Ken, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to be at the helm of an organization like SCORE?
  • (3:15) Is there a re-branding or a deliberate shift going on with the SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) acronym?
  • (4:30) Can you tell us more about SCORE and what it does?
  • (7:08) So you’re touching almost 400,000 small business owners a year, right?
  • (8:00) Regarding the mentoring program, how would one get started and how does it work from the perspective of a small business owner?
  • (11:57) Can you give us a couple examples of SCORE success stories? 
  • (17:05) Can you tell us a little about these business match-making events and how they help connect small businesses to large suppliers?
  • (19:58) What kind of advice would you give someone whose thinking of going the entrepreneur route to help them get off to a good start?
  • (21:57) What advice would you give a business that’s been around and is ready to get to the next level?  What kind of advice would you give them to help them get to the next level, even in these economic conditions?
  • (24:00) How would a company get the right mentors for the right situation? And do they have to switch mentors when they transition to the next phase?
  • (27:00) Do you have any closing comments or thoughts to share with our listeners today?
  • (28:20) Where can people find out more?

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  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Could you list other organizations that are doing similar work as SCORE?

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