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How CRM Can Boost Small Business Sales

Vivek Thomas: 5 Hidden Ways CRM Can Boost Small Business SalesMany small businesses are desperately struggling to regain market share they may have lost from the downturned economy and simple, cost-efficient technologies that help them gain a competitive edge and optimize sales have become must-haves to stay on top of their “A-game.”  It is possible to get your business to a point where it can start growing again and gain back that competitive edge and technology can help you do so. 

MaximizerIn this episode, Vivek Thomas, President of Maximizer Software, a SMB-focused CRM solutions provider, joins Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to offer hidden ways that small businesses can leverage CRM to boost their sales–from gaining visibility into real-time sales performance and projecting accurate revenues to optimally allocating sales resources and tracking the customer interaction trends to determine opportunities for more bottom line savings.

Below are the questions we asked Vivek:

  • (3:12) Vivek, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (4:39) Have you seen customers coming to you to see what you can do to help them gain customers more efficiently?
  • (6:30) How can a CRM system help small businesses manage the sales process and help them track forcasts and see when money is coming in?
  • (8:53) What kind of benefits can sales staff reap from using a CRM application and how can a business get them to “buy into it” better?
  • (11:17) What impact do mobility and social tools and strategies have on CRM adoption and CRM success?
  • (13:34) Do you see those kinds of social tools working internally to help sales and marketing do a better job of connecting?
  • (17:05) Are small businesses making the same mistakes now as they have in the past?  Or are we seeing better usage of it?  Or are they making different mistakes?
  • (20:04) How is CRM helping leverage the Internet and create better experiences?
  • (22:36) How important is it to have the ability to transfer conversations and interactions in various social media forums and integrate them into CRM?
  • (24:54) What are the things that small businesses really need to do and be aware of when it comes to implementing CRM in the year ahead?
  • (26:25) How important is mobile technology and social media going to be in the year ahead?  Will  it be nice to have or a “need to have?”
  • (27:54) Where can people can find out more?

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