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Daily Deal Site Trend: Profiling Moolala, A New Site

EntrepreneursFebruary 22, 2011By

Matt DaleThere’s a new daily deal site out there aptly named, Moolala. And they’ve developed a unique rewards system at the new site called the Pay Matrix, which offers a daily deal for an early startup. So what does that mean for you and your small business? It means moola in your pocket!

MoolalaMatt Dale, Co-Founder of Moolala, joins Anita Campbell and Brent Leary for an in-depth discussion about the benefits of Moolala for small businesses. Matt is a serial entrepreneur and his goal for starting Moolala was, “To give more money away than any company in history!”

Below are the questions we asked Matt:

  • (2:02) Matt, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to start this new site, Moolala?
  • (3:53) Why do we need another daily deal site and what is different about your site?
  • (7:03) When did the site launch?
  • (7:54) If a business were to get involved, do they pay part of the revenue that goes to the people in the network or are they paying you one amount and your turning around and paying those who sign up on this multi-tier affiliate system?
  • (9:09) What types of deals are likely to be in here?  Is this going to be a site that consumers will come to or are there going to be B2B deals?
  • (10:50) Do you have a handle on how many daily deal sites are out there?  Do you include coupon sites in that definition?
  • (12:32) Is there any shortage of merchants who want to be on these sites?  Are businesses cooling or are they enthusiastic?  How would you characterize the current environment for these daily deal sites?
  • (15:17) How can small businesses get started using this kind of daily deal strategy?  What are some things that they need to know about to get started with it?
  • (16:51) What are some of the other factors that go into a successful daily deal promotion and also, what are some of the things people need to avoid around that?
  • (18:56) When you say, “Be ready for the rush of traffic,” can you give a ballpark and some expectations around what to expect, so people have a better sense of how much they need to be staffed up to handle that kind of load? 
  • (20:15) Are you set up to handle or help assist with handling the response?
  • (21:15) How does Moolala generate word of mouth marketing for your clients?
  • (22:04) How do you leverage social networks using a service like Moolala?
  • (22:49) How can a business be featured at Moolala?
  • (23:32)  Where are we in the life cycle of daily deal sites and sites like yours?
  • (25:20) What should people be aware of or where should they be looking to use these kinds of services in the next two years or so?
  • (27:49) So we’ll be seeing timely deals, maybe hourly instead of daily, based on the location you are in at that particular time?
  • (28:07) Where can people find out more?

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Listen to Matt’s full interview NOW by clicking the red and yellow player below

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  2. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the great interview.

    for the Moolala Member Experience Team

  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    This sounds like a fascinating idea. I will listen to the interview on my weekend walk.

  4. John Yaeger Says:

    Pretty much interesting. Moolala is a promising daily deal site.

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