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Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat During a Personal Crisis

InspirationalApril 19, 2011By

Tony ColeSmall businesses are particularly vulnerable when a crisis strikes close to home.  And crisis can come in many forms – illness, death, divorce, fire, flood, a move.  Trying to keep everything afloat during a personal crisis in a small business, all while managing seriously heavy stress loads, can be quite a challenge, even for the best of us. 

Resurrecting Anthony: A True Story of Courage and DestinationTony Cole, President and CEO of the Anthony Cole Training Group, and co-author of “Resurrecting Anthony: A True Story of Courage and Destination,” joins Anita Campbell to discuss the aftermath of son Anthony’s cardiac arrest at the age 12, in which he suffered brain damage.  Tony shares what it took to keep their family and business together, offers coping skills, ways to focus on work – and hope for anyone going through a personal struggle while trying to keep on top of their game in the business world.

Below are the questions we asked Anthony:

  • (2:17) Anthony, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:30) What was the day like when your son was struck down by a heart attack?
  • (5:44) How long was he in the coma, Tony?
  • (8:21) You wrote the book with your wife Linda and you are life and business partners.  What impact did this have on your relationship?
  • (10:49) Can you offer some tips and advice to business owners that may be going through a crisis of their own?  What would you recommend that business owners think about and do, if the situation ever arose.
  • (14:12) What about after getting through the initial crisis?  What about weeks, months and years afterwards?  What do you need to know then?  Does everything change or are things basically the same?
  • (20:13) Did you ever consider just giving up at this time?  Or were you hanging onto that business as a type of life line?
  • (21:57) How has thing changed your business philosophy or has it?  How would you describe the impact on your business?
  • (25:30) You and your wife, Linda, co-authored this book.  Can you tell me, why did you choose to write the book from your perspective, Tony?
  • (27:14) Where can people find out more?  (Resurrecting Anthony on Facebook)

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Listen to Tony’s full interview NOW by clicking the red and yellow player below

2 Responses to “Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat During a Personal Crisis”

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    I will listen to this important message during my weekend walk. I am interested to hear about Tony Cole’s business philosophy.

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