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Group Buying: Tips on Growing Sales

Robert BallThe Wall Street Journal has referred to Office Arrow as the “Groupon for business.” It’s a fact – the group buying phenomenon looks like it’s here to stay.  And why not?  After all, the economics make sense and your small business can truly benefit from it.

Office ArrowRobert Ball, CEO of Office Arrow, joins Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to discuss the ins and outs of the group buying phenomenon.  From selling through group buying situations to actually using group buying when it makes sense for your company. 

Below are the questions we asked Robert:

  • (2:19) Robert, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:39) Can you give us some examples about what group buying really is?
  • (4:59) Is the name Office Arrow of any particular significance?
  • (5:46) Is Office Arrow more about selling at a discount if you’re trying to reach a business to business market?  What’s behind this?
  • (8:07) So you should look on it as the cost of acquiring a customer?
  • (9:06) As a buyer, how do you get started looking for deals?
  • (10:50) Let’s assume small business owners are not familiar with deal sites.  What’s really involved?  Do we have to sign up for an account?  Do we have to visit a site like yours everyday?
  • (12:00) Are there any insider tips about being a buyer and what you should look for on a deals site?
  • (12:50) If I’m a buyer and I go to a site like Office Arrow, how many deals can I expect to see?
  • (14:08) What are some of the expectations a company should expect when using a site like yours?
  • (15:35) What are some of the industries that seem to do pretty well right out of the gate with this?
  • (17:16) What are some of the other ways you help your clients get the biggest bang for their buck?
  • (18:34) Do you help them keep that interaction going to become a long term customer rather than a one time customer?
  • (19:40) Can you give us an example of a small business you worked with recently and how that worked for them?
  • (20:56) How are the developments in mobile technology having an impact on these kinds of services?
  • (21:56) Are we going to see targeted offerings based on locations anytime soon?
  • (23:02) Are small business owners that are listening able to get started with your services?
  • (23:59) What are some of the pitfalls that should be avoided right out of the gate regarding using your services?
  • (25:22) If you had to peer out a year into the future, how do you think companies are going to be using services like yours?
  • (27:19) So you see interaction being a big part of this as well?
  • (28:07) Where can people find out more? 

* * * * *

Listen to Robert’s full interview NOW by clicking the red and yellow player below

3 Responses to “Group Buying: Tips on Growing Sales”

  1. Growing Sales With Group Buying | SMALL BUSINESS CEO Says:

    […] To here more, go to Small Business Trends Radio to listen to the complete 30 minute podcast interview. […]

  2. David Weasley Says:

    Daily deals and group deals sites no doubt have a lot to offer for businesses. Sites like have created an opportunity for small businesses to benefit from the same kind of discounts on goods and services that large companies have, using the online group buying strategy. This one’s exclusively for small business owners in UK.

  3. amit Says:

    Keep your facts and research right – Study the market well and stay clear with your margins. Since it’s a form of advertising, if there aren’t high margins, your group buying site or concept would be a loss leader.
    If we keep in mind these thing then we can make group buying strategies much better.

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