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$5,000 to Launch Your Business: Where to Begin?

Bobbye BrooksTonilee AdamsonBobbye Brooks & Tonilee Adamson are entrepreneurs with a desire to help people learn how to start and grow a successful business – particularly women. Media 4 Women has grown from a small startup company to a nationwide business, servicing every type of industry from the new entrepreneur to the large corporation.

Media 4 WomenBobbye Brooks & Tonilee Adamson, Co-Founders of Media 4 Women Enterprises, join Brent Leary to share their tips on how to launch a business with $5,000 in startup funds and where to begin.

Below are the questions we asked Bobbye and Tonilee:

  • (1:47) Bobbye, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:23) Tonilee, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (5:37) If I had $5,000 in my hands right now and I wanted to start a business, what is the first thing I should do?
  • (8:15) What percentage of the folks that initially contact you actually have a plan in place?
  • (9:53) Does that plan include a website and, if so, what kind of budget should someone have to get a website started to create their business?
  • (14:42) Does that budget for the website include a social media presence or would that be in addition to the website budget?
  • (17:24) So marketing and planning for marketing and advertising begins at the inception, correct?
  • (17:46) What are the time commitments?  How much effort does it take to get up and running and what are some real expectations to have to see a payoff?
  • (23:27) Does this cause a big challenge to getting peoples attention because there’s just so much out there?  What are one or two things people can do to give themselves the best chance to market to their target audience?
  • (26:14) Are there any final comments or tips for somebody who is looking to start a business today?
  • (28:05) And you are also on Twitter?

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