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Business Partnering: Learning the Hard Way

Susan SpencerSusan learned the hard way that “you never know the skills and personality of others until you partner with them.  That’s when all the warts come out–in business and in love–and then it’s too late.” Susan lost her first business because she fired her partner and had to dissolve the company. She learned a thing or two and never made that same mistake again.

Briefcase EssentialsSusan T. Spencer, CEO of Briefcase Essentials and S.F. Holding Corporation, was originally the founder of a tennis manufacturing business and a food distribution business. In this episode, she joins Anita Campbell to share some valuable lessons learned from the trenches.

Below are the questions we asked Susan:

  • (3:16) Susan, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (5:10) And one of your first orders was to Sax wasn’t it?
  • (11:02) Can you tell me about the partnership that taught you all of these lessons here and the idea of control in a partnering situation?
  • (14:05) How did you end up unwinding that difficult partnership that you just talked about?
  • (17:13) Can you tell me a bit about this whole idea of cash flow and business partnering?
  • (20:44) If you considering a partnership, how do you avoid getting involved with someone like you just described?  Someone who didn’t understand the reality of the company finances?  What should you do?
  • (23:19) If your partnership is pulling down your company and you have to dissolve it, are there any particular pieces of advice of what to do or what not to do and the realities of what it’s going to be like after it’s resolved?
  • (27:34) Where can people find out more about you online?

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