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How to Drive Growth in a Downward Economy

Dennis JarrettDennis Jarrett has driven the growth of his business to make them the #1 Fastest Growing Franchise in the country in less than 10 years. Dennis feels that the key factors for this growth include value, quality, reliability and their commitment to environmental stewardship, which continue to drive the company today.

Stratus Building SolutionsDennis Jarrett, Co-founder of Stratus Building Solutions, joins Brent Leary to get an inside look at how to grow a quality business that has one important ingredient – staying power.

Below are the questions we asked Dennis:

  • (1:25) Dennis, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (2:20) What is it that Stratus Building Solutions does?
  • (3:25)  What are some of the specific areas people should be focusing on when developing a fast growing company?
  • (5:18) Is there any one overriding factor to ensure long term success or is it a number of things?
  • (5:54) From your perspective, what appeal do you use to encourage the right kind of people that you feel will be the right franchisees for your business?
  • (8:30) How personally involved are you and Pete in bringing on the new franchises today?
  • (10:06) How do tough times breed innovation and opportunity?  How have you been able to think out of the box in order to grow in the way that you have?
  • (11:54) How has social media and mobile technology changed or influenced the way that you do business?
  • (13:28) How do you get the right mix between social and traditional marketing in order to maximize the opportunity?
  • (14:42) How have your customers changed over the years and how have you had to adapt to those changes?  Has it been a dramatic change or steady along the way?
  • (16:20) What factors do you measure and monitor as you determine your growth patterns?
  • (17:53) How do you know when you have to step in and get them back on track?
  • (19:03) Do you see franchisees generalizing or is it better to specialize?
  • (20:53) What do you think has been the key to your success in times when a lot of people are failing?
  • (22:00) Has social media made a more effective way to communicate?
  • (23:15) If you’re trying to bring on more successful franchisees, what are the best ways to go about attracting those people?
  • (25:11) What are the kinds of things regarding specialties that you’re looking for right now?
  • (27:03) Where can people find out more?
  • (28:15) What advice would you offer to anyone interested in starting a business right now?


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