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Nine Steps to Failsafe Selling

Dr. John DemartiniSelling can be intimidating for many people – especially those that are not professionals at doing so. Entrepreneurs need to sell, whether they’re comfortable with it or not. After all, if they can’t sell their business or service then how can they expect others too?

The Demartini InstituteHuman behavioral specialist, Educator, Author and Founder of The Demartini Institute, Dr. John Demartini, joins Anita Campbell to share his failsafe nine step process that gets sales every time.

“Nothing gets done in this world without selling.  Follow this method step-by-step and you will get a yes, but if you miss a step, you’ll get a no.” ~ Dr. Demartini

Below are the questions we asked Dr. Demartini:

  • (2:23) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to establish the Demartini Institute?
  • (3:52) Can you tell us about these 9 steps?  What does it mean to follow these, especially if you’re not a salesperson? 

1.) Meet and greet 
2.) Establish rapport by finding things in common 
3.) Establish their needs 
4.) Confirm their needs
5.) Offer a solution that matches the need (i.e. your product or service) 
6.) Handle any objections
7.) Make the close (i.e. offer a when and where) 
8.) Deliver the service and live up to your agreement 
9.) Confirm that they’re satisfied and stimulate referrals

  • (15:04) Regarding step 1 through step 7, can those be done in one session or do there have to be multiple meetings and interactions?  Or does it depend on the circumstances?
  • (18:06) One of the things that stood out is how important establishing the needs are because objections arise from not establishing a clear need.  What if the client doesn’t know what their needs are?  How do you go about specifically identifying what needs solved?
  • (22:01) What role do values play in all of this if any?  Do they play into the sales process at all?  How do you determine values?
  • (24:18) Are there any other mistakes people make when trying to sell? 
  • (29:39) Where can people find out more about you and how to contact you?

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One Response to “Nine Steps to Failsafe Selling”

  1. vince Says:

    The key to REAL sales is just to be yourself. When you pretend you care (and you are ALWAYS pretending when a sale is involved), you are stepping out of who you really are. Most ANYBODY can see right thru that. I call that the ‘used car salesman’ phenomena.

    Vince Sandlin

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