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Unclutter Your Closets: Increasing Profit by Reducing Complexity

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John MariottiMost people who have closets find them bulging with unworn clothing, shoes, etc. Businesses have the same exact problem with products, services, customers and suppliers. In the quest for growth in no-growth markets, they confuse proliferation for innovation. They expand adding more products and services.  Complexity is created but too few people understand how to measure and manage it.

The Enterprise GroupJohn L. Mariotti, President & CEO of The Enterprise Group and Author of the award winning novel, “The Complexity Crisis,” joins Anita Campbell to share proven solutions.

Below are the questions we asked John:

  • (2:16) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:39) What do you mean when you refer to uncluttering your closets?
  • (5:28) Why is having a lot of customers a bad thing?
  • (6:54) Can you give us some examples of how complexity becomes a problem?
  • (8:42) In that situation, what are the hidden costs?
  • (11:19) How do you go about finding these hidden costs?
  • (15:14) What if I went back to that white coffee mug?  Won’t I be giving up sales?
  • (18:02) Some of them have to be making money, right?
  • (21:15) Do you need expensive and complicated technology to be able to handle that type of variety?  Can a small business do that, in your opinion?
  • (24:23) Where do you start as a small business owner?  You feel overwhelmed, how do you start manging complexity better?
  • (27:27) Where can people find out more about you and your book?

* * * * *

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One Response to “Unclutter Your Closets: Increasing Profit by Reducing Complexity”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    As an experience purchaser with interest in supply chain management, this podcast is music for my ears.

    Could you relate Mariotti’s book with Goldratt’s Critical Chain?

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