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Don’t Give A Gift Card: Give An Experience

Small Biz AdviceSeptember 27, 2011By

Ety RybakEty Rybak feels that nothing beats a memorable experience – from tickets to a Broadway show and a backstage meet and greet to 50 yard line seats at the Superbowl.

Inside Sports and Entertainment GroupEty Rybak is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Inside Sports and Entertainment Group, a provider of once-in-a lifetime event experiences for a cross section of small business, corporate and individual customers. Ety joins Anita Campbell to talk about the consumer spending trend towards experiences versus “things” or merchandise and how you can motivate clients, employees and prospects with carefully selected exciting experience-based Holiday gifts.

Below are the questions we asked Ety:

  • (2:03) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to start this business?
  • (3:04) Why do you think that people are more apt to spend money during a recession on experiences versus things?
  • (4:45) What is the number one most popular event or experience that people want to enjoy?
  • (6:16) Can you give us an idea of what an experience might be like?  Do you arrange a variety of activities around the event?
  • (7:39) How do you get tickets?  I’m assuming these are not events open to anyone just walking in off the streets are they?
  • (8:40) So you’re acting as a source to get into these hard to get into events?
  • (9:38) Are there some best practices?  Where does one start to figure out what’s a good incentive and a good thank you to an employee or client?
  • (11:44) Would you say that’s true even for women?
  • (13:20) What are your thoughts about giving experiences to your employees, clients, etc. at the Holidays?
  • (15:15) What kind of lead time do you need for a Holiday experience-based gift?
  • (15:43) So you accommodate last minute requests?
  • (16:29) Can you give us some ballpark figures?
  • (17:16) Would you say that the best practice for an employee experience-based gift would also include a companion of their choice to accompany them as well?
  • (18:30) What’s the process to do this?  How does one go about doing this, what would you recommend?
  • (19:54) Do you have any tips for businesses about making the most of an event?  You want this to be a great, memorable experience so what would you recommend there?
  • (21:51) You’ve sound as if you’ve seen just about everything.  What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had for one of these experiences?
  • (23:36) Do you see any particular trends with this in the future?
  • (25:07) Any final thoughts or tips that you’d like to cap off with?
  • (25:55) Where can people find out more?

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One Response to “Don’t Give A Gift Card: Give An Experience”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I will mention this podcast to an event professional in Sweden as a great example on how things are done in the U.S.

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